TUSD/TAP 2019-20 Code of Conduct

TAP utilizes TUSD's 2019-20 Code of Conduct (formally Guideline to Student Rights and Responsibilities).  Find a link to an online copy of the new Code of Conduct in the information bar above.  Please note that TAP HS's top priority is keeping our school safe, welcoming and kind.  Students who are teen parents experience high levels of on going stress and as a school we work to meet the extended and high rate of needs that students experience daily.  As a school, TAP makes every effort to use restorative discipline and practices that support students to a. learn from disciplinary situations so they do not occur a second time,  b. change students' unwanted behaviors to behaviors that are productive in the school setting, and c. repair relationships that may have been broken during a disciplinary event.  As a school we utilize a multi-tiered system of supports to provided a wide ranging system of supports to keep students in school and making progress toward graduation. 

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