Drama Kids - After School Program!

Our main goal is to help children develop the skills they need to succeed in life; to be able to use a well projected voice to ask questions 
or volunteer answers, to make friends, or participate easily in teams and study groups, to be able to discuss or share ideas fluently, 
to easily speak with adults, and to have the confidence to say no and stick up for themselves when necessary. These skills will follow them 
as they move through school and into the “real world”, allowing them to be able to interview confidently, negotiate effectively, and think creatively.

Drama Kids Programs

Drama Kids’ extensive and comprehensive curriculum was designed by educators, and is the result of more than 35 years of experience and continuous development. While kids are learning and developing new creative thinking styles and skills, they are also developing other important life skills, including public speaking. ALL Drama Kids programs are guaranteed to be both educational and FUN!

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