Fine and Performing Arts currently offers to ARTSMobile programs for students in Tucson Unified. Contact Kirsten Cummins at the Educational Materials Center, (520) 225-4783, for more information.

Art in America - The American Art Experience
The American Arts Experience ARTSmobile introduces young students to American art forms: jazz, abstract expressionism, pop art, musical theatre, and tap. TUSD Fine Arts designed this TUSD ARTSmobile in collaboration with the African American and Curriculum Departments of TUSD as well as the University of Arizona Fine Arts College. It travels from school to school on a weekly basis accompanied by Fine Arts Specialist, Carol Corvo M.Aed

American Art Experience ARTSmobile Website

We the People - The Many Faces of America

This ARTSmobile focus is on U.S. immigration. Students are invited research they gather about their own families to provide a framework for this ARTSmobile visit.
When the ARTSmobile arrives, students will pack their information in a "suitcase" provided, get their "passport" in order, and travel out to the ARTSmobile hearing Neil Diamond’s song, "America (Coming to America)".
Inside the ARTSmobile, visitors see the Statue of Liberty and the façade of the Ellis Island Immigration Center. Students also discover how immigrants arrived in America, with a time line showing their arrival. Videos of children talking about their culture and artifacts that represent the things immigrants brought with them engage students in the immigrant experience.
Exhibits explore culture and how "family trees" reveal their legacy to us. Vocabulary words will be featured in additional exhibits on immigration, refugees and naturalization.

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A multi-cultural artifact collection that travels directly to the students via two mobile museums.

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