TUSD Fine and Performing Arts is committed to providing educational experiences which foster creative exploration, build community relationships, and honor the universal thread of humanity.

What We Offer

  • ARTSMobile – a multi-cultural artifact collection that travels directly to the students via two mobile museums.
  • Band – expands students' technical skills and the concept of ensemble playing.
  • Choral – programs tackle ambitious and significant projects. Students learn individual and ensemble vocal concepts by using appropriate vocal techniques.
  • Dance – our dance programs are varied and dynamic and range from elementary creative dance to specific styles and programs for middle and high school students.
  • Drama – begins in elementary school through opera and drama in OMA. Thriving programs in middle and high schools allow students to excel in the skills of speaking, program presentation, and technical aspects of the theatre.
  • Educational Materials Center – is a world-class, professional library and has a wide variety of art prints, sculpture, artifacts, videos and books available for classroom use.
  • Instrument Repair – our shop repairs and renovates all of our 10,000+ musical instruments. Instruments are used free of charge by students in our schools.
  • Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) – Inspired by exciting, ongoing research into connections between brain development and music, Tucson's Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) is a leader in a national movement to integrate arts education with core curriculum.
  • Orchestra – programs create musicians who form lifelong engagement with symphonic music. Student begin with fundamentals and technique and later learn independence in technique, reading, interpretation, solo and ensemble performance and composition.
  • Visual Arts –we have an array of visual arts resources to aid classroom teachers, including Wednesday in-school staff development, after school teacher workshops at Educational Materials Center, and online downloadable visual arts lessons.
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We are committed to providing educational experiences.

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