Maria Jimenez-Baca

Maria Jimenez-Baca (K-5)

My name is Maria Jimenez-Baca and I serve Bloom, Mission View and Roskruge. I taught in dual language programs in Phoenix (grades 4th-6th) and in Tucson (grades K-5). I am proud to be a part of a program that offers families the opportunity for their child to be bilingual and biliterate.

Irina Gomez

Irina Gomez (K-5)

My name is Irina Gomez and I serve Grijalva, Hollinger and White. I am a proud product of bilingual education and my passion for it is a result of the seeds planted by my teachers. I strive to provide equitable opportunities for students by continuing to plant seeds of pride in culture and language.

Lourdes Vidrio

Lourdes Vidrio (K-5)

My name is Lourdes Vidrio and I love teaching! I was a Dual Language classroom teacher for 10 years, a Reading Specialist for 5 years. I am proud of our TWDL program and our incredible teachers. More importantly, I am passionate about supporting our TWDL teachers in ensuring our language learners, both English and Spanish, can become successful bilingual and biliterate citizens of this world.

Elizabeth Escarcega-Tapia

Elizabeth Escarcega-Tapia (6-12)

My name is Elizabeth Escarcega-Tapia. I am a Dual Language Itinerant Teacher for middle and high school TWDL programs. I have been at TUSD for 30 years teaching both elementary and middle school in a bilingual setting. My passion is for students to have the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate and provide support to teachers, students and schools to attain that goal so that students can have limitless opportunities awaiting them as they graduate.