Communications & Media Relations Office: 520-225-6101

Karla G. Escamilla
Communications & Media Relations Director


Noemí Proaño
Media Relations Program Manager


Arcadia Tapia
Administrative Assistant


Norma Gonzalez
Communications Specialist, EDI


Bianca Vega
Communications Specialist, Social Media


Ashley Wallinger
Digital Copywriter Editor


Emma Lavarias
Graphic and Digital Designer


Danika Kopec
Graphic Designer, Senior


Kevin Asher
Multi-Media Producer


Miguel Carrion
Multi-Media Technician


Jes Ruvalcaba
District Photographer


Mary Canty
District Video Producer


Sally Jacunski
District Webmaster, School Sites


Joe Sears
District Webmaster


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We provide communication and media support for Tucson Unified School District.
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