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Pantano Regional Support Team

Holly Leman Hammel, Assistant Superintendent | (520) 225-6390

Karen Martinez, Administrative Assistant

1010 E. Tenth St., Tucson, AZ 85719 | Email Us!

We're Here to Support Schools, Families, and the Community of the Pantano Region!

Tucson Unified School District - Pantano Regional Support Team 5 Photo
The Pantano Regional Support Team

We're here to provide support in assessment, communications, facilities, finance, food services, human resources, transportation, and technology services to the schools in Pantano Region.

Pantano Region Schools

Meet a Pantano Region Beginning Teacher

  • Jacquelynn Parent, Secrist Middle School, 7th Grade ExEd Inclusion

    Photo of Jacquelynn Parent

    "I went into teaching later in my life. I liked my previous career path, but I didn't love it. Something was missing from my life. I realized that I was volunteering and filling my life with activities in which I was helping people, and it made me feel incredibly fulfilled. I decided to go into teaching, as I was already on a similar career path. I wanted to work with children, particularly those that are disadvantaged and need the help of skilled, creative, and determined teachers. I felt I could be one of those people. I chose middle school because it is a fun age. The students are on the cusp of maturity, while still wanting to be children. It is a joy to watch this transition in them, and it is gratifying to be a positive influence on them as they move into their teen years."

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