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Tucson Unified Governing Board Approves Teacher Salary Schedule

The Tucson Unified Governing Board approved the 2019-2020 Certified Salary Schedule by increasing our beginning teacher salary to $40,200. Our first-year teachers hired in FY15-16 have seen an $8,000 increase (23%) to their compensation over the past four years. Our long-term Tucson Unified teachers who have been with the district 14 years have experienced over 20% in increased earnings.

Below are examples of the FY15-16 teacher salary versus FY2019-20 teacher salary based on years of service:

First Year Teacher Hired in FY15-16: Starting salary = $34,200, Base plus Supplemental - Increased earnings received over four years: $8,000 or 23%. Seven Year Teacher in FY 15-16: Salary = $37,200, Base plus Supplemental - Increased earnings received over four years: $8,000 or 22%. Fourteen Year Teacher in FY 15-16: Salary - $40,700 Base plus Supplemental - Increased earnings received over four years: $8,000 or 20%.

In Tucson Unified we are proud to report our average teacher years of experience is 12.5 years. This means our students receive highly qualified and experienced professionals.

This salary increase is a significant achievement when we compare the compensation of Tucson Unified teachers versus most other districts in the area. On average, the first year TUSD teacher earns an additional $304/month or $2,741 during the 9 month contract year.

1st Year Teacher Compensation Yearly Difference Monthly Difference
Tucson Unified $40,200    
Tanque Verde $34,650 $5,550 $617
Flowing Wells $37,191 $3,009 $334
Marana $38,455 $1,745 $194
Sunnyside $38,831 $1,369 $152
Vail $39,846 $354 $39
Catalina Foothills $43,313 ($3,113) ($346)

Thanks to the commitment by our Tucson Unified School District Governing Board and Superintendent who have prioritized addressing teacher pay, teacher salary has increased by $8,000 since FY2015-2016.  TUSD teachers are highly valued members of our community due to their dedication and the direct impact they have on our students, thus the District will continue to prioritize competitive salary and compensation increases for our teachers. 

Below are additional compensation opportunities available to our certified employees, as well as the approved salary schedule.

Additional Compensation available to our certified employees: Teacher Academic Evaluation Incentive - Up to $2,580, included PLC and Evaluation Component - Highly Effective: $2,580, Effective: $2,365, Developing: $2,042. National Board Certification - $3,000. Monetary Salary Credit Incentives - MA = $2,000, PhD = $3,000. Professional Development Annual Reimbursement up to $500.

Certified Salary Schedule for FY 2019- 2020 (in PDF)

*Subject to TEA ratification and TUSD Governing Board Approval of the 2019-2020 Consensus Agreement. Upon approval by the Governing Board, increases will be retroactive to first contract date of the 19-20 school year.

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