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Our Commitment

Tucson Unified is committed to equity for all students through our implementation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Code of Conduct

Photo of Dr. Trujillo

There is no goal more important than creating and maintaining safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environments for every kid in every school.

The most important factor that deterimines whether or not we achieve this goal, is you, the student.  When you make a commitment to safety, personal responsibility, and kindness, you are also making a commitment to personal excellence.

Please read this document with your parents or guardians. It is important for you to understand our standards and expectations for behavior at school. By following the Code of Conduct, you can help our school district become a safer and more supportive environment for all students and staff.

Amazing schools are places where learning happens, where kids succeed academically and emotionally, and where learning environments are safe, supportive, and inclusive of all students.  Please do your part to make sure that every school in our district is an amazing one!

--Gabriel Trujillo, Ed.D. Superintendent