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  • About Our School

    Clara Bloom Elementary SchoolLocated on the east side of Tucson, Bloom Elementary serves more than 300 students. Founded in 1973 and named after Clara Ferrin Bloom, a District 1 student at the end of the 19th century who later became a teacher and community activist

  • Student Handbook (in PDF)
    A Student Handbook is given to each student at the beginning of each school year. Please read it with your student, sign page 3 and return it as soon as possible to your child's teacher. See the most current Guidelines for Student Rights & Responsibilities (GSRR) handbook!
  • What Makes Us Special

    Bloom knows the importance of literacy and bi-literacy. We want our students to be successful in tomorrow’s job markets. Bilingual skills are highly valued in the workplace, and the key to being bilingual is starting early. Bloom now offers Spanish immersion classes in Kindergarten through 4th grade.  In the fall of 2021, we will expand by adding one 5th grade Dual Language class.

    Bloom Elementary has a strong focus on reading and writing through all subjects. The school uses the Daily 5 reading approach, which helps children develop reading stamina. The program allows for small-group instruction and individualized instruction.

    Bloom uses the Engage NY/Eureka Math curriculum, which develops the habit of mind that mathematics is a tool to be used to solve many different types of problems. Bloom also works to help children build character, focusing on three areas: behavior, self-reflection and setting academic and personal goals. 

    TWBI (Two-Way Bilingual Immersion)

    In August 2016, TUSD established its first Dual Language Immersion Program for the parents/families of the TUSD community. Bloom Elementary School was chosen as the east side location and was designed to provide students with high levels of language proficiency, academic achievement, bi-literacy, and cross-­cultural understanding.

    It uses Spanish and English as the languages of instruction for both Spanish-speaking students who need to develop English fluency, as well as English-speaking students who will acquire Spanish as a second language.

    The first cohort of students started as Kindergartners in 2016-2017.  The program will continue to expand at this site until the students complete their 5th grade year and continue on the TWBI pathway through middle school and high school. At graduation, they will receive the Arizona Seal of Bi-literacy.

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