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    Our Q2 Virtual STEM Night will be Tuesday, December 8, at 5:00pm. Mark your calendar and look for more details soon!
  • October 1st - Magnet Messenger
    Check out cool Rube Goldberg machines by the 8th grade Engineering class and learn about Mansfeld's Student Council in this week's Magnet Messenger newsletter!

Mansfeld's STEM Magnet Program

Mansfeld is a nationally recognized science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) magnet school. It is located across from the University of Arizona and has a rich tradition of academic excellence. Students take STEM classes as part of their core subjects, and teachers in all content areas embed STEM practices into their curriculum preparing students to think critically and collaboratively as they solve problems. Additionally, each quarter students focus on an essential question that is addressed from a variety of perspectives through integrated STEM units across campus.

The integration of STEM across all content areas and the focus on STEM practices throughout the curriculum has increased collaboration among teachers so that students can make connections between what they learn from one class and the next and can apply their knowledge beyond school. Mansfeld also has a strong before- and after-school program to improve and enrich student learning, as well as exceptional music and arts programs and one-to-one iPad/data technology.


To learn more about Mansfeld’s STEM Magnet Program, please complete this interest form or email Ms. Flagg, our Magnet Coordinator.

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