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Gate Program at Sewell

  • Sewell Is a GATE Cluster School
    Sewell is a proud GATE Cluster School where GATE qualifying and regular education students are in a mixed-ability classroom with a GATE endorsed teacher, or a teacher who is actively pursuing his/her gifted endorsement. Additionally, all of our teachers have committed to becoming GATE endorsed! Our program also consists of a 90-minute once a week GATE pull-out class for GATE qualifying students with our teacher, Ms. Lambert . This enrichment class focuses on critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving through high engagement, hands-on interdisciplinary units. Ms. Lambert also teaches talent development lessons to all kindergarten and first grade classes on an ongoing basis.


    Program Focuses

    •                    • Interdisciplinary

    •                    • Project-based and problem-based learning

    •                    • Higher level questioning

    •                    • Student-centered

    •                    • Social-emotional support

    •                    • Critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving

    •                    • Inquiry-based, hands-on learning

    •                    • Interactive student notebooks

    •                    • Develop thinking strategies

    •                    • Culturally relevant curriculum

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