• AVID at a Glance

    Quarter 1: AVID student signing night and PCC Play 1st Mexican Astronaut and Campus Tour

    Students along with their parents attend a signing night in which they reviewed the AVID contract and pledged they would follow through with AVID for the 2017-2018 school year. We had several team buildings activities, getting to know Mrs. Ballesteros, AVID Coordinator and Dr. Wasson, AVID Teacher.

    Students attended the PCC play about Pepe Hernandez and his triumphant journey from the proud son of migrant farm workers to NASA Astronaut. Students then enjoyed a campus lunch and ended the day with a tour of the campus.

    Quarter 2: U of A Tutors: Amy, Lizbeth, and Michael along with a U of A Women’s Basketball Game

    We were able to welcome our AVID College Tutors to Valencia. They began working with the AVID students on tutorials. During these tutorials, students worked together to help one another clarify and solve their points of confusion with a content based problem ranging from math to a concept in history.

    Students attended a U of A Women’s basketball game and enjoyed the university atmosphere. We enjoyed predicting the points accumulated at the 1st half, attempt to catch free t-shirts, participated in the Bear Down chants, and even wore our Wilbur and Wilma face masks.

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