Morgan Maxwell K-8 School

Our Pre-School Staff

  • Pre-School Teacher
    Mrs. Camacho
  • Early Childhood T.A.
    Mrs Bertsch

Program Description

The TUSD preschool program serves three, four and five year – old children and their families. The class size is limited to 16 students, and each class has one teacher and at least one teaching assistant. Classes are 4 days a week (M, T, and TH &F), no school on Wednesdays. Each program runs 2.5 hours a day with an AM and PM session (not including breakfast/lunch). Program hours depend on the site.

      The primary goals of the preschool program are to:

  • Provide meaningful play and learning experiences that promote young children’s growth in all the areas of development.
  • Support the growth and development of families in the role as their child’s primary teacher.

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