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5330 E. Glenn    |   Tucson, AZ 85712   |    Office: (520) 232-8000   |    Fax: (520) 232-8001
Welcome to Whitmore!
We offer engaging math classes.
We are the Whitmore Wildcats!
Learning is so much fun.
Active learning includes gardening.

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    Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

    All Schools Closed July 1st - July 5th 2019

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What Makes Us Special

Whitmore Elementary School has a dedicated teaching staff that works diligently to help children be successful. The school offers an integrated curriculum where reading, writing, math and science lessons incorporate each of the other subject matters.

Whitmore teachers and staff differentiate instruction to assure each student is successful within instruction tailored to his or her specific needs. Whitmore gives students an opportunity to integrate many different and authentic experiences into their learning.

The school offers band, orchestra, before- and after-school tutoring, art classes, a computer lab and more. Teachers collaborate with each other to ensure that students are getting the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

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School Videos

  • Whitmore Walk to School


School Hours 
8:10 AM - 2:25 PM

8:10 AM - 1:25 PM


Office Hours: 7:00 - 3:30

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