Lapan College Club

How it Works - 50 Dollars for Every "A"

"Nana" Lapan conceived the idea of awarding students $50 for every "A" grade on their report cards each quarter in the five major subjects: math, science, social studies, reading and writing. At the high school level Lapan students are compensated at the end of each school year on a sliding scale based on their GPA. Students can earn $3,000 during their middle school years, and an additional $2,000 during high school. Her idea was that students needed to establish successful study skills during their middle school years in order to succeed academically in high school and college. Students receive a statement at the end of each school year indicating the total accumulated funds in their account. These funds can be accessed once a student graduates from high school. Funds can be used only for direct college or trade school expenses as defined in the Lapan Student/Parent Handbook. Visit Lapan Sunshine Foundation for more information about the LAPAN College Club

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Information about kindergarten options in the Tucson Unified School District. 
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