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Electrify Your Symphony (EYS)
Comes to
Tucson Unified Schools

Mark Woods plays violin while leading the TUSD rock orchestra International recording artist Mark Wood, an original member of the multiplatinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra brought his groundbreaking music education program Electrify Your Symphony! (EYS) to TUSD middle school and high school students through January ending with a public concert on January 20,2022. Student violinist plays in the TUSD rock orchestra The students were transformed into a full-fledged Rock Orchestra performing original material and arrangements of music by Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson.

High school students perform with Mark Wood

EYS builds on a strong foundation in classical music provided by music teachers, creating partnerships with educators that inspire students, boost self-esteem, and motivate energetic stage presentation. To prepare for the concert, Mark taught the students improvisation, composition, and personal expression on their violins, violas, cellos, and basses.

Middle school students perform with Mark Wood

This exciting event transformed the student musicians into a full-fledged Rock Orchestra! TUSD Orchestra students from Sabino and Sahuaro High Schools and Dietz, Fickett, Gridley, and Magee Middle Schools performed in the concert alongside Mark Wood.

Student violinist duels with Mark Wood onstage!

High School Marching Band Exhibition

Tucson Unified Band Night 10-27-2021

Performing Arts Showcase

Performing Arts

Our performing arts programs include band, choir, dance, drama, and orchestra. In all these programs, we begin with fundamentals and technique. From there, we expand to interpretation in ensemble and solo performance.

For example, in music, students in elementary school learn that the correct playing position, breathing, and fingering is the foundation of learning to play a band instrument, and the correct playing position and bow hold is the foundation of learning to play a string instrument. In choir, the use of appropriate vocal technique lays the foundation for the implementation of individual and ensemble vocal concepts.

As students develop, they establish connections between vocal concepts, musical concepts, technique, performance situations, and more developed literature.

This application of foundation skills expands students' technical skills, their interpretation of universal themes, and the concept of ensemble playing. Expanded application of skills emphasizes independence in technique, reading, interpretation, solo and ensemble performance and composition.

Through more developed literature and experience, students expand the depth and breadth of connections between content, concepts, and real-world applications.

For more information, see the Performing Arts curriculum maps and scopes and sequence.

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