What is TUVA?

Students experience real-time classroom learning from live teachers at our Tucson Unified Virtual Academy (TUVA).  Our teachers provide online instruction from Kindergarten to Graduation (K-12).

This is ideal for any Arizona student who thrives with a daily schedule led by a live teacher and who wants to join our online community of learners from any location.
All Grades can learn remotely...
  • Learn from Real Teachers in Real-Time!
  • Talk, learn, and play with other kids
  • Join after-school clubs
  • Learn with Minecraft for Education
  • Laptops & Internet Hotspots Available!


Your child will be in a class with other children all year and have a daily schedule with their primary teacher and electives with specialist teachers.

Electives include:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Spanish
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Elementary age students at school on a laptop while still at home in their own room.


Your middle schooler will choose their classes and electives and learn from a variety of certified subject teachers.  They follow a regular schedule each day. 

Also they can:

  • Choose electives: Music, Art, Computer Exploration, PE, Spanish
  • Attend honors classes
  • Join E-sport Teams
  • Learn with Minecraft for Education
Middle schoolers can study from their living room.


Your student can pick their courses with guidance from counselors and will be able to:

  • Choose Advanced Learning options: AP, Honors, and Dual-College-credit classes
  • Attend Career & Technical Education (CTE) in Computer Science and Graphic Design
  • Participate in Student Govt. & Drama
  • Join E-Sport Teams
High school student works on graphic design one of the Career and Technical Education courses available at TUVA.

Is online learning right for my child?

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