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Tucson Unified Districtwide COVID Cases

This dashboard has been developed to provide the Tucson Unified community with a transparent summary of active COVID-19 cases. For the Summer only the Summary of Cases will be presented for Staff and Students.  Data to be presented for the 2021-2022 School Year will be determined in late July.
A Student/ Staff case indicates that the individual has tested positive for COVID-19 and were present on a TUSD Campus, Learning space, or facility prior to testing positive. Individuals who test positive are excluded from participation in any in-person/on-campus activity until Health Services verifies that the individual meets the return criteria set by state and local health authorities. Once the individual is cleared to return they are no longer considered an active case and their case is removed from the dashboard count.
Due to federal laws that protect the privacy of individuals, we are unable to share any personally identifying information about who has tested positive.
When a positive case is reported to TUSD it must be reported to the Pima County Health Department. After the positive case has been reported to the county, the following takes place:
  • The school will notify individuals that has been identified to have been in “close contact” with the positive individual. Close contact is defined as, “less than six feet, for more than 15 minutes within 24 hours”.
  • TUSD will follow the quarantine and isolation guidelines provided by CDC and Pima County Health Department.  
  • A COVID notification letter will be sent to individuals at the school/TUSD facility.
  • View TUSD COVID 19 Regulations
  • The data below reflects only active cases and will be updated weekly.
  • If an individual was not on campus during their infectious period and has not exposed anyone on campus, then the number is not reflected on the dashboard.

Disclaimer: This data is for informational purposes only. TUSD confers with Pima County Health Department to track COVID-19 cases and trace close contacts.


Covid Report (September 4 - September 10)

School/Department Name Students Physically Attending School Student Covid Cases Student Percentage Total Teachers or Staff (Remote and on campus) Staff Covid Cases Staff Percentage
Tucson Unified School District42,380970.23%7,36990.12%
District Departments000.00%2,445 00.00%
IELC - Brichta Center 571111000.00%3500.00%
IELC - Schumaker 57127000.00%2500.00%
Alice Vail Middle School 155573020.27%7300.00%
Banks Elementary School 112028310.35%3600.00%
Blenman Elementary School 112527110.37%3612.78%
Bloom Elementary School 112833700.00%5100.00%
Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School 113137510.27%4500.00%
Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School 151043600.00%6000.00%
Borman Elementary School 114050500.00%4600.00%
Borton Magnet Elementary School 114326100.00%4200.00%
C.E. Rose K-8 School 137179200.00%7700.00%
Carrillo Magnet School 116129410.34%3812.63%
Catalina High School 261059700.00%11700.00%
Catalina Online Learning Experience 268422500.00%700.00%
Cavett Elementary School 116718010.56%2800.00%
Cholla High School 2615179000.00%17710.56%
Collier Elementary School 117013600.00%1800.00%
Cragin Performing Arts Magnet ES 117927000.00%3800.00%
Davidson Elementary School 118524300.00%4000.00%
Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School 119127800.00%7500.00%
Dietz K-8 School 119740930.73%5012.00%
Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School 150240910.24%3800.00%
Doolen Middle School 150558420.34%7000.00%
Drachman Montessori Magnet School 120333300.00%5200.00%
Dunham Elementary School 121115310.65%2100.00%
Erickson Elementary School 121536910.27%3700.00%
Ford Elementary School 121822600.00%2800.00%
Fruchthendler Elementary Sch 122535210.28%3500.00%
Gale Elementary School 122835900.00%4200.00%
Gridley Middle School 151159940.67%6100.00%
Grijalva Elementary School 123152810.19%5500.00%
Henry Elementary School 123825620.78%3100.00%
Holladay Magnet Elementary School 123918710.53%3200.00%
Hollinger K-8 School 123363400.00%6700.00%
Howell Elementary School 124523210.43%3300.00%
Hudlow Elementary School 125117900.00%2700.00%
Innovation Tech High School 268326810.37%2114.76%
Johnson Primary School 126629600.00%3300.00%
Kellond Elementary School 127544800.00%4800.00%
Lawrence 3-8 School 127721600.00%3600.00%
Lineweaver Elementary School 128157640.69%5600.00%
Lynn/Urquides Elementary School 128738200.00%5000.00%
Magee Middle School 151537310.27%5500.00%
Maldonado Elementary School 129021952.28%2600.00%
Mansfeld Middle Magnet School 152090500.00%7300.00%
Manzo Elementary School 129327731.08%3800.00%
Marshall Elementary School 129525620.78%3600.00%
Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence 1523114910.09%9800.00%
Mary Meredith K-12 School 11952800.00%2700.00%
Miles Exploratory Learning Center 130531500.00%5400.00%
Miller Elementary School 130849700.00%4700.00%
Mission View Elementary School 131119500.00%3600.00%
Morgan Maxwell K-8 School 152149520.40%5012.00%
Myers/Ganoung Elementary School 131727100.00%4700.00%
Ochoa Community School 132314800.00%2600.00%
Oyama Elementary School 132725910.39%4500.00%
Palo Verde High Magnet School 262067300.00%11800.00%
Pistor Middle School 152788100.00%8400.00%
Project MORE 26742900.00%1900.00%
Pueblo Gardens K-8 132939871.76%4900.00%
Pueblo High School 2630187350.27%18600.00%
Rincon High School 2640143010.07%12500.00%
Roberts/Naylor K-8 School 152553120.38%6200.00%
Robins K-8 School 135142930.70%4300.00%
Robison Elementary School 135323000.00%3900.00%
Roskruge Bilingual Middle Magnet School (K-8) 159556400.00%7100.00%
Sabino High School 264596750.52%9800.00%
Safford K-8 153544900.00%6000.00%
Sahuaro High School 2650154790.58%13710.73%
Sam Hughes Elementary School 125733600.00%4100.00%
Santa Rita High School 265540410.25%7300.00%
Secrist Middle School 153732510.31%4300.00%
Sewell Elementary School 139522510.44%3300.00%
Soleng Tom Elementary School 141029100.00%3800.00%
Steele Elementary School 141323100.00%3200.00%
Teenage Parent High School (TAP) 26762627.69%1800.00%
Tolson Elementary School 141733300.00%3800.00%
Tucson High Magnet School 2660331530.09%28010.36%
Tully Elementary Magnet School 141927600.00%4500.00%
University High School 2675113130.27%7511.33%
Utterback Middle School 155023710.42%5300.00%
Valencia Middle School 155776910.13%7400.00%
Van Buskirk Elementary School 143126000.00%3600.00%
Vesey Elementary School 143555710.18%5200.00%
Wakefield Middle School 156014021.43%1700.00%
Warren Elementary School 144018500.00%3400.00%
Wheeler Elementary School 144341400.00%4300.00%
White Elementary School 144963520.31%7600.00%
Whitmore Elementary School 145530800.00%3700.00%
Wright Elementary School 146141620.48%5000.00%


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