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Lunar New Year


The Art of Asia
A resource museum for anyone interested in Asian art, culture, and history.

Freer and Sackler Galleries
The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art.
A site dedicated to ancient Japanese art.

On the Cutting Edge Exhibition
Take a look at these beautiful contemporary Japanese Prints from the Library of Congress.


Amy Tan Interview
Learn more about this author from an Academy of Achievement interview.

Janet Wong
Learn more about this author and her books. Listen to her read stories and poems.

Chinese Writing

Yong's China Quest Adventure
Travel back to 500 BC and learn about the tradition of Chinese writing with this fun activity.

Japanese Woodblock

Exploring a Japanese Woodblock Print
Check out this example of the ukiyo-e print style which was very important in Japanese culture and had a major impact on the development of Western art and design.


Exploring Origami
Create awesome origami art with patterns you can download. Check out the Origami Gallery for more inspiration.

Origami related to Chinese New Year

image of origami airplane


The 130 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time
Read about several pioneers who paved the way for all Asian Americans.

Asian Americans Who Have Made a Difference
Learn about ten of our country's most accomplished Asian Americans.


Ancient China
Learn about the culture and history of Ancient China.

Ancient India
Learn about the culture and history of Ancient India.

Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour
Edo is the ancient name for Tokyo. Discover some insights into the source of 'traditional Japan'.

The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage
Learn about the contributions of Chinese immigrants to Tucson, and our region.


Affordable Health Care Services Resource List (in PDF)

Affordable Health Care Services Additional Resources (in PDF)

Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

Asian Pacific American Heritage
Find out what it means to be Asian Pacific American and all the Asian cultures that exist in the world and in America.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Resources and information to help celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May.

Kids Web Japan
Several fun lessons in reading, writing, and speaking some commonly used phrases in Japanese.


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