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Communications and Media Relations

Communications and Media Relations | Leslie Lenhart, Director | 1010 E. Tenth St., Tucson, AZ 85719 | (520) 225-6101 |

Our Staff

Communications and media staff from left to right: Jes Ruvalcaba, Cathy Thwing, Donna Goble, Susan Pequet, Vivian Colter, Stefanie Boe, Miguel Carrion, Vanessa Hernandez, Brent Pantaleo, Mary Canty, Michelle Valenzuela, Gary Hawkins, Sally Jacunski

From left to right: Jes Ruvalcaba, Cathy Thwing, Sally Jacunski, Leslie Lenhart, Susan Pequet, Danika Kopec, Mary Canty, Karla Escamilla, Vivian Colter, Vanessa Hernández, John DeSoto, Miguel Carrion

Our Services

We provide media support to Tucson Unified School District, including the following:

  • District Web Presence (TUSD Web site and Intranet)
  • Multimedia and Audio-visual Support for District and School Meetings, Presentations, and Performances
  • Photography
  • Social Networking (Facebook, RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube)


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