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More Resources

Career Education

College and Career Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career resources for students.

Career Coloring Book (in PDF)
8th annual edition of this 28 page PDF file for elementary students.

The Career Key
An online test designed to ensure middle school students make "sound" career decisions.

An online test designed to ensure middle school students make "sound" career decisions.

Interview Network


Mapping Your Future
Information that will help students understand their options for higher education and career opportunities. - Figure Out What's Next

Occupation Outlook Handbook
Information on every type of occupation in the US.

Character Education & Social Skills

Can Do!
The Can Do! website offers stories, activities and resources to help create a better understanding and deeper appreciation of how people can overcome their challenges and reach their dreams by using their abilities and a "can-do" attitude.

Center for Character & Social Responsibility
Sample elementary lesson plans from the Boston University Character Education site.

Center for the 4th & 5th R's
Tom Lickona's site, at SUNY Cortland, for character education.

Character Counts!
CHARACTER COUNTS! is two things: an educational framework for teaching universal values and a national coalition of organizations that support each other.

Character Education Lessons
This is a great site that is full of lessons and ideas on topics that we as counselors deal with everyday. You don't have to have any of these videos to use these lessons.
KJ Challenge curriculum is listed at this site, along with a Community Coach year long social action program.

National School Climate Center
Website for parents and educators for working with social skill development, safe caring school environment and violence prevention.

Strategies for Empowering Students
Activities and lesson plans on character education.


College Resources

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Education (in PDF)
A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations and Community and Juvenile Justice Settings.

Making Peer Mediation a Part of Campus Life
Learn how mediation by peers can clear up misunderstandings quickly and improve school climate.
Resolving Conflicts: Lesson

Discipline & Intervention

Behavior Home Page
Information on managing classroom behavior and tips for effective interventions.
A great resource on behavior management, written in an easy-to-read format, for teachers, counselors, parents, and anyone who works with children.

Out on a Limb
A great interactive website for teaching conflict resolution with student and teacher resources.

Diversity Awareness

Drugs and Violence Prevention

School Safety Tip Line
See It. Hear It. Report It. Be Bold. Speak Up. End Bullying Now. School Safety Tip Line

Tucson Unified's Bullying Report Line

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
Putting information in the hands of policy-makers and the public. Among the strategies presented are; early care and education programs for preschoolers, good schools, after-school programs and prevention of child abuse, as well as delinquency programs.

Kidscape: Anti-Bullying Advice & Child Safety
Helping to prevent bullying and child abuse.

The National School Safety Center
Serves as an advocate for safe, secure and peaceful schools worldwide and as a catalyst for the prevention of school crime and violence.

Red Ribbon Week Ideas
Many activities for stakeholders in the community for Red Ribbon Week.

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration
Lots of free materials for safe schools and drug abuse prevention.

STOP Cyberbullying
Information about cyberbullying, how it works, and how to deal with cyberbullies.

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence
Celebrated in October each year, the Student Pledge, and elementary version, including the Gorp's Gift is here.


American School Counselor
The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) supports school counselors' efforts to help students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.


American Student Achievement Institute
A website dedicated to whole school reform effort in the area of student achievement.
Brain Connection
Brain Connection is dedicated to providing accessible, high quality information about how the brain works and how people learn.
The Education Trust
Organization whose mission is high achievement for all students kindergarten through college. The EdTrust Transforming School Counseling Initiative information is on site.

Grief & Loss

The Dougy Center
Support and training locally, nationally and internationally to individuals and organizations seeking to assist children in grief.

Health Education

Bandaides & Blackboards
Website about chronic illness with areas for kids, teens and parents.

Bipolar Child
Good resource site, with option to subscribe to newsletter, for information on bipolar disorder.

Center for Mental Health in Schools
A product of the School Mental Health Project at University of California Los Angeles, this site contains information on theory, research, practice and training related to addressing student mental health and psychosocial concerns through school-based interventions.

Children's Health Institute
Early childhood and elementary prevention efforts from Rochester, NY.

Mental Health Association
Lots of free materials for safe schools and drug abuse prevention.

Six Seconds: The Emotional Intelligence Network
Wonderfully resourced homepage for this emotional intelligence network.

Lesson Plans

Arthur, the Most Amazing Aardvark
A site with a large teacher's corner of activities and ideas based on the PBS series.

Story Arts
Activities and lesson plans for storytelling.

Miscellaneous Counselor Resources/Tools

Award Maker
Great certificates you can make for students; including some you don't see like anger control and great attitude.

Back to School Letters and Survival Kits
For Back to School and staff inspiration.

Certificate Creator
Recognition certificates can be made at this website.

Graphic Organizers at Education Place
Need to use a visual to facilitate large group lessons in brainstorming a topic? Try these! English and Spanish.

Inclusive Schools
The first week in December is Inclusive Schools Week & this site, from the National Institute for Urban School Improvement, has a terrific resource kit and booklist.

Keirsey Character Sorter
Online personality test.

Our Family - Info & Referral Directory of Human Resources
A complete listing of community agencies.

TeAchnology Web Tools
Great time saving templates for all kinds of counseling related forms.

Peace & Kindness

Professional Organizations

ACA - American Counseling Association
5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304

ASCA - American School Counselors Association
1101 King Street, Suite 625, Alexandria, VA 22314-2944
800-306-4722 (Phone) 703-683-1619 (Fax)

AzSCA - Arizona School Counselors Association
PO Box 30776, Mesa, AZ 85275-0776

NCDA - National Career Development Association

Resources for Children & Families

College information.

Arthur, The Most Amazing Aardvark
A site with activities and ideas based on the PBS series.

Bandaides & Blackboards
Website about chronic illness with areas for kids, teens and parents.

Best Resources for Dads & Daughters
Resources for families.

Can Do! Kids Page

Activities, puzzles and posters for kids of differing abilities.

Careers & Colleges
College resources.

Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center
Ideas, activities and recipes for a play therapy center.

LD Online
Interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children.

Brings together the latest news, research, trends and stories from across the child and youth field so you can get informed and take action on the issues that matter most to you. We and our partners believe that together we can be a powerful voice for children, youth and communities.

State Farm Learning Center

Youth Change
Your problem kid problem-solver.

School Counselor Pages & Resources

American School Counselor Association

Arizona School Counselor Association, Inc.

Awesome Library Counselor Resource Site
A virtual library of resource links for school counselors.

Jefferson County School Counselor Page
Wonderful site full of PowerPoints, printable worksheets and great resources.
Resources for school counselors about technology and computer literacy.


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