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Dropout Prevention

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Dropout Prevention Programs

Our main focus areas include Prevention, Intervention, Recovery and Resiliency.

  • Prevention: Anticipation and recognition of students’ needs to empower them to be successful learners
  • Intervention: Adaptations to traditional practices which ensure students continue their education
  • Recovery: Returning students to academic environments that are supportive to their needs
  • Resiliency: The capacity to spring back, rebound and successfully adapt in the face of adversity
A student’s perception of their educational environment influences positive decision making. Dropout Prevention Specialists attempt to build relationships with students and their families using VIA. VIA is the Spanish word meaning “the path” or “the way”.


  • Visibility: Using passing periods, lunch and school sponsored events to be visible to students
  • Interaction: Developing a rapport with teachers, parents, support staff and especially the students
  • Accountability: Keeping your word; following through; never making unrealistic promises to students


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Our Programs


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

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