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Congratulations to Arts Seal Recipients

Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency

Congratulations TUSD High School Seniors for earning The Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency

46 TUSD Graduating Seniors To Receive The Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency

School Year 2019-2020 is the inaugural year for qualifying seniors to receive the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency on their graduation diploma. We are proud to announce that forty-six art scholars, from eight Tucson Unified School District high schools, created capstone projects in music, dance, visual art, theater, and media arts that were adjudicated to be worthy of recognition from the Arizona Department of Education.

The recent addition of the arts seal joins two other proficiency seals Arizona seniors can earn. In a two-year process, it was first proposed by the Tucson Unified School District Fine and Performing Arts Department to the Arizona Department of Education's Office of Arts Education, and Arizona Arts Advocates. Senator Paul Boyer sponsored the idea with bipartisan support, and the program was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey on May 14, 2019. The State Board of Education adopted board rule for this law on October 28, 2019.

Even though the final semester for the class of 2020 has been filled with many challenges, the committee charged with vetting the students' art did not want their hard work to be overlooked. The school closure prompted students to creatively design methods to present their work online and final interviews were conducted through Zoom.

According to Dr. Joan Ashcraft, Director of Fine and Performing Arts, "We are proud to have been at the forefront pursuing and creating the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency. TUSD has exceptionally talented young artists, who have excelled academically, artistically, and socially to achieve this unique distinction on their high school graduation diplomas. We look forward to witnessing the amazing art our students will produce in the coming years."

Additionally, The University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music will be recognizing those qualifying students with a $1,000 Fine Arts Tuition Scholarship that will be renewable for qualifying students. Dr. Rex Woods, Director (Interim) of the Fred Fox School of Music states, "We view this as an exciting opportunity to continue our long and rewarding relationship and our shared mission of educating the next generation of young artists in our community."

Congratulations to the TUSD Class of 2020 students for receiving the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency!

A Sampling of Student Work

Sidian Watson, visual arts - mentor teacher, Sara Ukiah Hoy, Cholla High School

"In this body of work, I wanted to demonstrate internal themes/thoughts embodying a physical form. I want the viewer to be able to relate to the figures I create in a way that is personal but comprehensive. I want their imagination to be intrigued and their thoughts tickled."

Sidian has been offered a full scholarship to the University of Arizona School of Art

More briefly, her work could be described as: Sidian wants the viewers' "imagination to be intrigued and their thoughts tickled."

Drawing by Sidian Watson Drawing by Sidian Watson

UHS Flute Quartet, instrumental performance - mentor teacher, Jeff Marchant, University High School

Jour d'Ete a la Montagn e, Section II Au bord du torrent by Eugene Bozza.

Alexis Houchin, Andrea Borboa, Rachel Whitaker, and Maya Kulkarni perform an excerpt from a flute composition that is considered a strong challenge for college level performance musicians.

View and Listen to the Flute Quartet >>

In A Society, choreography - mentor teacher, Beth Braun-Miscione, University High School

Choreography students, Ana Boiangiu, Zoe Krone, and Anna White, were collaborating on the theme of the high school senior experience. School closure left them without a presentable video. They problem-solved by restructuring the movement they had previously created, and then had the sixteen dancers perform it in their current learning environment - at home, on Zoom.

Watch the dance >>

Rincon Dvorak Quintet, instrumental performance - mentor teacher, Michael Geddis, Rincon High School

Dvorak Piano Quintet No. 2 in A Major, Opus 81, Mvt. I, Allegro ma non tanto - excerpted
Violin 1 – Andrew Nix, Violin 2 – Isaiah O’Mack, Viola – Kylie Baird,
bass – Ryan Magness (not an applicant for the Seal of Art Proficiency), piano – Isabel Vincent.

This video was created using the Acapella smartphone app, a technology none of the musicians were familiar with until a few days prior to the performance. The software allows musicians, in separate locations, to remotely assemble a recording. The piano track was recorded first, and then sent to the bass player to record his part, with the process repeated for the viola, second violin, and finally the first violin. We commend the students on their perseverance to bring the project to fruition.

Listen to and View the performance >>

Fine Arts Logo

The 2020 TUSD Recipients


Music Production Team Capstone Showcase

  • Venina Baltazar
  • Paola Campos
  • Isaias Chacon
  • Oscar Contreras
  • Alejandro Dominguez
  • Gabriel Granillo
  • Melissa Melendrez
  • Martin Pacheco
  • Thomas Parker
  • Brian Sandoval
  • Ylianna Romo
  • Rene Tovar

Visual Arts Portfolio and Description

  • Sidian Watson


  • Bianca Argueta Media Arts: Percussion: What Is It?
  • Sydney Butler Original Music Mural for PVHS Music Hallway
  • Luthmila Natera Research Paper and PPT: Trumpet
  • David Sweeney Original Composition: Schrodinger Kiss
  • Daniel Tomchesson Wind Quintet arrangement: Venus


  • Luciana Velarde Trumpet Performance: Carnival of Venice, StarDust


  • Kylie Baird String Quintet: Dvorak No. 2, A Major (viola)
  • Andrew Nix String Quintet: Dvorak No. 2, A Major (violin 1)
  • Isabel Vincent String Quintet: Dvorak No. 2, A Major (piano)
  • Victor Gutierrez Big Band Chart Arrangement: Jacket Money


  • Daniella Avalos Trumpet Performance: Silver Salvation
  • Edra Ball Band/Choir Comparison and Demonstration: Shenendoah
  • Aleenah Brown Original Composition: Wreckless for Tuba Trio
  • Eric Crone Irish Dance accompanied by student's Violin gig
  • Reece Enfield Original Composition and Analysis: Fire Flies
  • Morgan Haynes Director of one-act play: Tracks
  • Julia Hupp Prop Design for Play: Failure
  • Tiana Molina Rehearsal/Conductor: Satiric Dances, Mv. 1 & 2
  • Kyle Perrin Orchestral Composition: Essentia


  • Isabella Hoy Tutoring Beginning Orchestra Students


  • William Westholm Original Composition: The City


Collaborative Choreography: Social Distancing

  • Ana Boiangiu
  • Zoe Krone
  • Anna White

Flute Quartet: Jour d'Ete a la Montagne

  • Andrea Borboa
  • Alexis Houchin
  • Rachel Whitaker

Madrigal Feast

  • Sedona Diazzi Assistant Direction
  • Andrew Shipley Direction
  • Lindsey Tong Script Writing/ Direction

Other Works

  • Madison Laguna Comparative Study Art and Music - Mixed Media
  • Reagan Landis Choreography with poetry: America Reloaded
  • Isiah O'Mack String Quintet: Dvorak No. 2, A Major (violin 2)

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