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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

GATE | 2120 E. Naco Vista (Cavett Elementary), Tucson, AZ 85713 | (520) 225-1305 |

GATE Programs and Testing Contact Information

Sky Sackzo, Director of Advanced Learning Experiences: Oversees all aspects of Gifted and Talented Education

GATE Testing and Placement Office

(520) 225-1310

Alzira Duncan, GATE Coordinator- GATE Testing and Placement, Outreach, Events, and Recruitment

Janelle Odom, GATE Testing and Placement Lead

GATE Testing Specialists complete GATE district-wide testing duties throughout the year

GATE Programs Office

(520) 225-1305

Louise Till, Senior GATE Coordinator-Programs, Curriculum & Instruction, Professional Development

Annie Brookshire, GATE Curriculum Service Provider- Programs and GATE Teacher Support, Professional Development, Endorsements

Melanie Chacon, GATE Administrative Assistant, works with TUSD parents and staff to provide GATE office support

Anna Martinez, GATE Testing, Literacy Kit and GATE library resource support

GATE Itinerant Teachers- districtwide GATE pull-out services, K-1 talent development services, seasonal testing support, site outreach

GATE Itinerant Teachers

  • Brown, Pam
  • Chuc, Joshua
  • Davis, Mary
  • Dobbin, Glenn
  • Finfrock, Kelly
  • Flores, Amy
  • Gallus, Brigette
  • Hunter, Gina
  • Katinas, Julie
  • Kelly, Susan
  • Lambert, Emily
  • Moritz, Judith (Susie)
  • Myrand, Melody
  • Ramirez, Myrna
  • Ramsey, Priscilla (Lynn)
  • Stunes, Amanda
  • Young, John (Garrett)
  • Zimmermann, Deborah (Debbi)

Gifted and Talented Education


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