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Parent Committee

  • Priority Standard
    The Native American Education Advisory Committee By-laws were formulated by Native American Student Services Department (NASD) and approved by the Tucson Unified School District Board of Education (TUSD) on April 06, 1999 to promote maximum Native American peoples participation in collaboration in achieving an equal educational opportunity and a quality education for American Indian students of the school district. In an advisory role, NAEAC committee members should advise and be advocates on commitments to the Indian peoples residing in TUSD as set forth in the Federal Guidelines established by Title VII, Johnson O'Malley Act, Title VIII, American School Act of 1994, Title I, Title IX, Special Education or any other federally required parental involvement formed by TUSD. The NAEAC will advise and provide guidance to the District in meeting the unique culturally related academic and programmatic needs of the American Indian, Alaskan Native students for the 21st Century.
  • Mission Statement
    Native American Education Advisory Committee Will Advise On:
    • Assist all Stakeholders to come together for American Indian and Alaskan Native students in developing programs and educational opportunities that promote success and to treat students the way we would want to be treated.
    • Engage the coming together of students, parents, teachers, schools, and community to promote Native American student achievement and encourage the development of life skills to strengthen their culture and heritage understanding which ensures success as citizens and leaders.
    • Support and assist the local school district, Indian Nations and/or Tribes and organizations, postsecondary institutions, and other entities to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of Native American students, so that each student can meet the same challenging State student academic achievement standards as all other students are expected to meet.
  • Statement of Understanding
    The Native American Education Advisory Committee has been established by Tucson Unified School District to assist in affairs of Indian students, but maintains certain statute responsibilities which will place certain limitations on the NAEAC.
    • Under rules and procedures as outlined in the NAEAC By-Laws which must be approved by the Tucson Unified School District, Local Education Agency (LEA) before action of the NAEAC.
    • The LEA retains its position for setting policies and procedures for the LEA.
  • Native American Education Advisory Committee (NAEAC) Bylaws (in PDF)Native American Education Advisory Committee (NAEAC) Bylaws (in PDF)
    This document is rather large [3.7 mb] and might take a few minutes to open.


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