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OMA Showcase

Student Artwork

OMA Visual Arts by Joshua Floyd's Second Graders at Warren Elementary

Here are a few art projects coming from second graders. OMA Art bags were sent home to students earlier last week to help create these fun pieces of art! We used what we learned about patterns to create some interesting colored cacti and learned how to double numbers up to 10. For this project, we only went up to doubling 4 for a total of 8 cacti at the top of our pictures, but during class we practiced with many other numbers!

Gabriel's cactus drawing
--By Gabriel

Samantha's cactus drawing
--By Samantha

Serenity's cactus drawing
--By Serenity

OMA Showcase

OMA Showcase - Watch Here!

If you missed the 2019 OMA Showcase, you can catch it here! Featuring 300+ OMA students, including...

  • Creative puppets, vignettes, and finale parade made by OMA students and their teachers from Bloom, Howell, Kellond, Sewell, Van Buskirk, and Wright
  • Kellond 2nd grade OMA dance entitled "Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain"
  • Blenman 5th grade OMA dance entitled "Transitions"
  • Borman 1st grade original OMA opera entitled "Bohemian Rat City"
  • The OMA Honor Choid - 150+ Students representing district elementary schools, directed by Jennifer Wortman
  • Special Guest: Jorvet, Tucson High Magnet School's Steel Drums under the direction of Khris Dodge

Murals at Peter Howell

Photo of students singing


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