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Student Services

  • School Choice (Open Enrollment and Magnet Schools)
    Students who would like to attend a school different than the one assigned to their address of residency may submit a School Choice Application to apply in the lottery process. The lottery selects students for open enrollment and/or magnet opportunities available at the preferred non-neighborhood school of choice. The number of seats available in the lottery at each grade level depends upon the number of seats left unfilled from the neighborhood students whose address is assigned to the school. The lottery process is required for the purposes of integration. The school(s) associated with your address of residency may be verified using Pima Association of Government's "school-address look-up".

    School Choice and Transportation:

    • Magnet Enrollment: Selected students who live within TUSD boundaries are automatically eligible for transportation services, per Governing Board Policy EEA guidelines.
    • Open Enrollment: Students who live within TUSD boundaries are not automatically eligible for transportation services, per Governing Board Policy EEA guidelines. Visit Incentive Transportation Calculator to see if Incentive Transportation options are available to your student.

    School Choice Applications are available at School Community Services, TUSD Family Resource Centers, any TUSD school office, or online. Applications are submitted to School Community Services at

  • Guardianship
    We can help answer questions about enrollment of students temporarily living with an adult who is not a biological parent or legal guardian. For more information, call (520) 225-6400 or email
  • Court Placements/DES
    If you have questions regarding the enrollment of students whose guardianship is overseen by the Department of Child Services (DCS) or a Court Order, including students falling under “Neglected & Delinquent” status, we can help. For more information, call (520) 225-6400 or email
  • Youth in Temporary Living Situations Due to Hardship (McKinney-Vento)
    Students in temporary living situations due to hardship including students falling under "homeless" status, will be immediately enrolled. See Policy JFABD and Regulation JFABD-R for more information. Contact McKinney Vento staff at (520) 232-7058 or (520) 225-6400, or email
  • Flier Approval
    We provide approval to outside organizations for the distribution or display of informational and promotional materials, per Board Policy KHC and Regulation KHC. For more information, please consult these guidelines (in PDF) may be found at. Questions or materials may be emailed to
  • Educational Visas (I-20)
    We help with the enrollment of senior high school students who have been approved by Homeland Security Services to study for one year. For more information, contact Angie Mendoza at (520) 225-6400 or
  • Admission of Students (U of A Non-Residents)
    The enrollment of students whose parents are from other countries or states that are University of Arizona-affiliated varies depending upon student's age, address of residency, demographics, Visa, and duration of visit. For more information, contact Elaine Vickerman or Angie Mendoza at (520) 225-6400 or or
  • Foreign Exchange Students
    Non-resident foreign students who are in exchange programs approved by the U.S. Department of Education may be admitted. Consult CSIET (Council On Standards for International Educational Travel) for approved programs.

    For more information, contact Elaine Vickerman at (520) 225-6400 or


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