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24/7 Call Line for Reporting Injuries: 1-888-252-4689

Light Duty

After you have seen the doctor he may return you to work with restrictions – this is light duty.
  • What do I do if I am returned to work with restrictions?
    • Give your supervisor a copy of your Return to Work instructions, which shows any restrictions
    • Ask your supervisor at your site if they can accommodate your working restrictions
      • Can you do most/part of your duties within your restrictions?
      • Can you help to file, answer telephones, or similar tasks?
      • Is there another area in your department that can accommodate your restrictions?
  • What do I do if my site can not accommodate my restrictions?
    • Contact the Tucson Unified HR Workers' Compensation office at 225-6646 for placement in a light duty assignment
  • General Information about a light duty assignment:
    • The Home Site/Department still reports absences from work
    • The Home Site/Department budget still pays for the employee's wages
    • The injured worker needs to keep his/her supervisor informed of their work status

Our Contracted Clinics

  • US Healthworks
    2301 N. Forbes Blvd, #111
    Ph: 628-4340

    881 S. Craycroft, Ste. 150
    Ph: 747-0446

    2945 W. Ina Rd, Ste. 103
  • MBI Occupational Healthcare
    1001 E. Palmdale
    (Park & Ajo)

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