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Wellness at Tucson Unified

LIFE: Lifestyle Improvements for Employees - An employee wellness program by Tucson Unified

Wellness Program Home | A partnership between Tucson Unified and the Wellness Council of Arizona
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Current Programs

LIFE - Lifestyle Improvements for Employees

Lifestyle Improvements For Employees
  • Tucson Unified Wellness Program - Free to all district employees!

    • Health Coaching
    • Fitness Classes
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Wellness Workshops
    • School Break Activities

    Health Coaches work for the Wellness Council of Arizona to serve the health interests of employees. All information shared with them is kept confidential and is not shared with any management personnel or any other employees

  • Success Stories
    A TUSD staff member writes, "Through this training and information, my support circle, plus my commitment to regular, consistent participation I have lost 35 lbs and almost 10% body fat. My body is toned and muscle has replaced fat! It's been exciting experiencing the changes to my body and shopping for new clothes. Furthermore it's not just been about the weight. For me it's been about better mind body & spirit. I feel great! These wellness tools have helped me broaden my activity interests because I now am able to do what I choose to do; like cycling 109 miles in the El Tour De Tucson. Along with the mentoring, enthusiasm, support, and caring from Andrea and Raquel, my journey has been a great adventure. I am forever thankful for and grateful to my knowledgeable leaders. The cool thing is that my journey isn't finished yet. I feel like it has just begun and I can't wait for a new adventure!" More...

Current Classes

Check out these great Wellness Programs this summer!
  • Spring Fitness Classes
    Yoga, Kellond Library, 4 -5 pm
    PiYo, Catalina Auditorium, 4:15 - 5:15 pm
    Yoga, 1010 Maroon Room, 5-6 pm

    Zumba, Marshall Cafeteria, 4 - 5 pm
    Zumba, Davis, Rm 27, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    Restorative Yoga, Johnson, Room 11, 4-5 p.m.
    Strength & Stretch, Howell Cafe, 4:15 - 5:00 pm
    Strength, 1010 Maroon Room, 5-6 pm

    Strength & Tone, Bloom Library, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    Yoga, Kellond Library, 4 -5 pm
    Yoga, Pueblo High NG5 Yoga Rm, 4 - 5 pm
    Piyo, 1010 Maroon Room, 5-6 pm

    Zumba, Marshall Cafeteria, 4 - 5 pm
    Zumba, Davis, Rm 27, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    PiYo, Howell Cafe, 4:15 - 5:00 pm
    Strength, 1010 Maroon Room, 5-6 pm

Contest Winners

Maintain Don't Gain Participants and Winners

Great job to all of our Maintain, Don't Gain participants! The goal was to maintain your weight throughout the 2017-2018 Holiday Season.

  • 457 people weighed in before Halloween and weighed out after the New Year for this challenge!
  • 196 people maintained their weight within 2 pounds!
  • An additional 237 people lost weight!

Why Maintain, Don't Gain? On average, Americans gain 7 pounds over the Holidays (Halloween – New Year's Day). The Tucson Unified participants in this Holiday Challenge lost a total  of 1149.25 pounds!!

Everyone who weighed in and weighed out was entered into a raffle for a Kitchen Essentials Gift Bag containing:

  • A Rapid Veggie Steamer for the microwave
  • 6 – 3 Portion Meal Prep Containers
  • Black and Decker 1.5 cup Chopper
  • Veggie Spiralizer and peeler
  • OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
  • All in a Reusable Grocery Bag

Everyone who maintained within 2 lbs or lost weight over the holidays was entered into a raffle for a Kitchen Essentials Gift Bag and a $50 Health Purchase Gift Card!

2017-2018 Maintain, Don't Gain WINNERS!

Kitchen Essentials Gift Bag Winners:
Ava Han (Wheeler)
Dulce Balaban (Hollinger)
Jeannette Ortiz-Roybal (Ochoa)
KayLynn Whittecar (Schumaker)
Melissa Dunn (Warren)

$50 Gift Card & Kitchen Essentials Gift Bag Winners:
Anne Hedgcook (Robison)
Blanca Padilla (Blenman)
Brenda Maytorena (Hollinger)
Cindy Franks (Gale)
Mary Holland (Pistor)
Nancy Norman-Anaya(Magee)
Nikki Deli (Direct Link)
Nina Rojas (1010)
Tawnee Arrieta (Rincon)
Veronica Bertsch (Hollinger)/p>

*PLUS* The school/location with the highest percentage of participation in this challenge has earned a Free Massage Day! And the winning location is...

Ford Elementary School!

Congratulations to our Maintain, Don't Gain Winners and Great Job maintaining over this Holiday Season!

The 2017 Fall Fitness Challenge Winners

Over 600 people competed in the Fall Into Fitness challenge by getting in exercise and easily tracking their workouts.  The goal was to mark an "X" for S (Strength), C (Cardio), and/or (F) Flexibility for each day that they completed at least 10 consecutive minutes, and included a quick note on what their exercise was for that day. And the winners are...

50 X's total
Raffle for 1 of 2 $50 Gift Cards to a healthy purchase location:

Lorraine Kaldman (AliceVail)

  • Marcea Hunter (1010)

100 X's total
Raffle for 1 of 2 $100 Gift Cards to a healthy purchase location:

  • Molly Reed (Borton)
  • Vivienne Castillo (Whitmore)

25 or more X's for Strength
Raffle for 1 of 2 $100 Personalized Strength Equipment/Gym Purchases:

  • Maria Kagen (Miles)
  • Scott Kloefkorn (Cholla)

25 or more X's for Cardio
Raffle for 1 of 2 $100 Personalized Cardio Equipment Purchases:

  • Ternice Clayton (TAP)
  • Terri Romero (Robison)

25 or more X's for Flexibility
Raffle for 1 of 2 $100 Personalized Flexibility Equipment or Yoga/Pilates Membership:

  • Mark Reynolds (DirectLink)
  • Monique Landrum (MASS)

*Your Health Coach will reach out to the challenge winners and will deliver the prizes!

Plus 3 Massage Day Winners!

  • 1010
  • Direct Link
  • TAP

*Massages were awarded to the participants within each winning location that completed the Fall Into Fitness challenge by turning in their completed trackers by Nov 7th.

Water Bottle Winners!
First 100 that turned in their completed Fall Into Fitness Challenge Trackers

Alexis Edwards, Amy Dewitt, Angela Solis, Anjanette Gutierrez, Anna Read, Betsey Dennis, Brette Washburn, Brian Lambert, Carmelita Perales, Carmen Sierra, Caroline Carlson, Caroline Madsen, Coleen Holliday, Connie Price-Johnson, Corina Hernandez, Danielle McConnell, Darcy Stewart, Dawn Fradette, Denise Rasmussen, Didi Coleman, Doris Paulik, Edward Adams, Elena Doughty, Elizabeth Bouwens, Elizabeth Hunter, Emiy Bennett, Emma Novak, Erica Stott-Blunt, Erin Pier, Gina Wan, Grace Kinney, Heidi Wright, Ida Melen, James Baker, Jamey Fruhwirth, Janie Morales, Jenn Schilling, Jennifer Chavez, Jennifer Metzler, Jennifer Thorton, Jill Backherms, Jill Kitchens, Josie Marin-Varelas, Judy Bevier, Julie Alvira, Karla Escamilla, Kate Rice, Kathleen Marrero, Kathy Schroeder, Kelly Blecker, Kevin Startt, Kim Wahl, Kirstin Bittel, Kristian Kissel, Laura Gutowski, Laurel Jordan, Leigh Burkey, Leslie Johnson, Linsay DeMartino, Lisa Wood-Hromidko, Lori Martinez, Lorraine Hetschel, Lorraine Kaldman, Lorri Andrews, Luke Van Schie, Marisa Soto, Mark Reynolds, Marta Marin, Melissa McClung, Monique Landrum, Nikki Deli, Nina Aldecoa, Nina Rojas, Patricia Perez, Rachel Sager, Rachel Schlesinger, Rachel Shatto, Roberta Carrillo, Samuel McClung, Sara Sultan, Shalom Rockwell, Shanell Woodard, Shawna Gerlach, Sonia Dunscombe, Stacey Darko, Stephanie Freeman, Suzanne Freund, Teri Shepard-Mcbride, Ternice Clayton, Terri Reeves, Theresa Ellis, Thomas Davis, Thomas O'Megalyn, Valerie Molina-Howard, Vivian Arandules, Wendy McFeely, Wesley Oswald, William Blackstone, Yolanda Tindall, Zelia Mata

Cooling Towels Winners!
First 100 that signed up for the Fall Into Fitness Challenge

Amina Rashad, Amy Dewitt, Amy Pugliese, Andrea Rickard, Angela Badilla, Angela Lopez, Anna Read, Anne Felix, Annette Swift, Beverly Cox, Brenda Flynn, Brian Lambert, Carlos Arias, Carmen Nichols, Caroline Carson, Caroline Madsen, Christi DelPercio, Christina Garcia-Mendez, Christina Rogers, Cynthia Barnett, Cynthia Vandall, Danni Rousseau, Debra Dietrich, Debra Salaiz, Demetrius Lee Jr, Desiree Webb, Dianne Bouchard, Didi Coleman, Donna Fine, Elizabeth Hunter, Elizabeth Slaine, Ellen Ruble, Evangeline Hillyard, Gabriel Maldonado, Gina Wan, Gloria Soto-Wilson, Jackie Sinn, Jackie Freed, Jamey Fruhwirth, Jeffrey Francone, Jennifer Chavez, Jenny Miles, Jessica Jaeger, Jolene Jose, Joncie Kennedy, Juana Abrose, Karen Evans, Karen Rimmell, Kate Rice, Kathy Bangs, Katrina Ramos, Kelly Danielsen, Kendra Swatzell, Keri Wiley, Kimberly Range Glenn, Kimberly Rogers, Kristian Kissel, Kristina Ibarra, Laura Lichtenwalner, Laurie Davis, Laurie Kerdels, Lori Van Scyoc, Luis Orantes, Luke van Schie, Lupita Cabral, Margaret Egan, Maria Jimenez-Baxa, Maria Kagen, Maria Oliver, Maria Peterson, Marisela Dominguez, Meghan Bird, Melissa Walker, Michele Gutierrez, Molly Reed, Nicole Fisher, Nicole Ouellette, Nikki Stefan, Nina Rojas, Noemi Morales, Nour Jandai, Patricia Cisneros, Paul Lopez, Paula Saldutti, Rachel Castro, Rachel Shatto, Rebecca Archer, Rebecca Rusciolelli, Renee LaChance, Robyn Moreland, Ron Tolf, Rosamaria Duarte Raub, Sara Sultan, Scott Kloefkorn, Sharon Cornell, Sharon Edwards, Shaun Brown, Shawn Blair Lohn, Shawna Gerlach, Stephanie Freeman, Stephanie Wells, Stephen Gaarder, Suzanne Freund, Terri Reeves, Timothy Grivois-Shah, Vanessa Peyron, Veronica Arvizu, Vivian Chavez

*Towels were delivered to the winners during the challenge (Sept – Oct)

Congratulations to all of the Fall Into Fitness challengers and to all of our winners!

FITGO Bingo - Summer 2017 Winners

For our 2017 summer FITGO Bingo challenge, our amazing participants completed 1,841 health and wellness squares, 690 Bingo Lines, and 47 people completely blacked out their Bingo Cards, earning a fantastic SWAG Bag!

With 690 tickets in the FITGO Bingo line raffle, the $50 Healthy Purchase Gift Card raffle winners are:

Anna Badilla (Carrillo)
Danielle Fradette (Drachman)
Emily Evans (Henry)
Jean Marquez (Sub Office)
Josue Zuniga (Johnson)
Rachel Sager (1010)
Rebecca Rusciolelli (1010)
Ron Tolf (Food Services)
Tina Schivone (Howell)
Sharon Kelly (Howell)

The 47 people who blacked out their FITGO Bingo card qualified for a $100 Healthy Purchase Gift Card raffle! And the winners are:

Cynthia Busby (Collier)
Amanda Montgomery (Grijalva)

The 43 people who lost 2% of their Body Fat or 2% of their Body Weight or Maintained a Healthy Body Composition were entered into a drawing for a Day at Canyon Ranch! And the winner is:

April Knippen (Gridley)

Health and Wellness Fair

Thank you to all who were able to attend the 2017 Annual Tucson Unified Health and Wellness Fair! This year 975 employees attended, and they were all entered into the Health Fair Raffle! And the Raffle winners are:

Adella Orta (Central Trans) $25 Fox Restaurant Concepts Gift Card from Vantage West
Andrea Sands (Myers) Spa Gift Bag from Forever Able Wellness
Angelica Munoz (MASS) School Supply Gift Basket from Grinz Orthodontics
April Knippen (Gridley) School Survival Kit from VALIC
Bonnie Morlock (TAP) Z31 Electronic Toothbrush from Delta Dental
Carmelita Cooley (Blenman) Dental Hygiene Gift Bag from Dental/Ortho Pros
Cris Suarez (Erickson) Twist Bluetooth Speaker from VALIC
Cynthia Robbins (Lineweaver) $10 Amazon Gift Card from Carondelet St Joseph's
Danielle Fradette (Drachman) Gift Bag from Natural Grocer's
Darlene Bowie (East Trans.) Spa Gift Bag from TMC
Darryl Stoner (Pueblo) 2- 40 oz ThermoFlasks from HealthSouth
Debra Madson-Behm (Magee) Deep Muscle Massager from Waves Physical Therapy
Debra O'Keefe-Gaul (Wheeler) Stadium Chair from Radiology LTD
Donald Calhoun (Valencia) $100 Amazon Gift Card from Horace Mann Company
Donna Montano (West Trans.) 40 oz Hydro Flask from Healthsouth
George Riviera (Finance) 30 –Minute Massage from Sunrise Chiropractic
Isla Bednar (Howell) Movie Kit Gift Box from Retirement Plan Professionals
Jama Dluehosh (Catalina) Optical Gift Bag from Alvernon Optical
Jan German (Booth Fickett) $25 Target Gift Card from the Legend Group
Jan Milligan (Sewell) Water bottle and Water Tumble from Noonen Physical Therapy
Janetta Peck (East Trans.) Ninja from CHWP Expos
Jean Alles (East Trans.) Essential Oils from DoTerra
Jennifer Sanchez (Trans.) $30 Visa Gift Card from Jorgensen Brooks
JoAnn Valerio (Van Buskirk) Whole Food Supplements from Savage Chiropractic
Juan De La Torre (MASS) Gym Bag with T-Shirt from Tucson Orthopedic Inst.
Judy Hedgcock (Cragin) Fandango Gift Card from MBI
Judy Stoner (Cholla) Gift Bag from FastMed
Julie Johnson (Steele) Spa Gift Basket from Pain Institute
Karen Guiterrez (1010) 30 –Minute Massage from Sunrise Chiropractic
Kathryn Lukow (Maxwell) Premium Roadside Traveler from AAA
Kathy Winfield (Palo Verde) Gift Box from Retirement Plan Professionals
Kim DuPuis (Catalina) 30 –Minute Massage from Sunrise Chiropractic
Leslie Johnson (Cholla) Spa Gift Basket from Sports Clips
Lisa Goldberg (Alice Vail) $25 Target Gift Card from Lincoln Investment
Mace Bravin (Valencia) Gift Bag from Athlon Physical Therapy
Maria Valenzuela (Shumaker) Target Gift Card from Basic Online
Marita Beeman (Ford) Messenger Bag from SJI Financial
Matt Wolf (Cholla) $10 Starbucks Gift Card from Vantage West
Melissa Gamez (Catalina) Gift Bag from BBVA Compass
Michele Gutierrez (1010) Dental Gift Basket from Western Dental and Orthodontics
Molly Reed (Borton) $25 Pei Wei Gift Card from Foresters Financial
Pamela Miller (Blenman) Gift Bag from Wells Fargo
Paula Carter (Food Services) Starbucks Gift Bag from Northwest Hospital
Ray Mack (Sahuaro) School Survival Kit from VALIC
Rhonda Stewart (Agave) $25 Sauce Gift Card from Costco
Sonia Salazar (Central Trans.) $25 Visa Gift Card from Hughes Federal Credit Union
Sonya Montano (Safety) $25 Target Gift Card from Crest Insurance
Sophia DeSaracho (LIRC) Oral Vitality Electronic Toothbrush from Smile Generation
Stuart Baker (Agave) $10 Starbucks Gift Card from EDS Dental
Teresa Greene (Erickson) $25 Sauce Gift Card from Costco
Trish Miller (Hudlow) $25 Fry's Gift Card from Avesis
Valorie Andrews (Duffy) Fitbit Alto from Appreciation Insurance and Financial

2016-17 Wellness Rewards Program

Our yearlong program that ran from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. In this program, all Tucson Unified employees earned points for things such as meeting with your Health Coach, attending free onsite fitness classes, completing a health and wellness challenge, getting your physical, completing your lab work, etc… (and your health coaches kept track). Every quarter, we held a raffle for 10 winners to receive a healthy gift card of their choice!

Our last quarter winners (April 1 – June 30) who have all earned a $50 Healthy Purchase Gift Card are:

Connie Langrehr (Dodge)
Didi Coleman (White)
Gayle LaPort (Blenman)
Jennifer Fiero (Ex Ed)
Jessica Franklin (Ford)
Jose Rodriguez Jr. (1010)
Karen Mitchell (Palo Verde)
Nina Rojas (1010)
Robin Plouffe (Steele)
Tiffany Wojtak (Borman)

Team Weight Loss Challenge Winners

A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the Biggest Winner – Team Weight Loss Challenge.

500 people weighed in and weighed out as part of a team in this challenge!

  • 2,591.4 lbs. were lost in this challenge - way to go!
  • The top 3 winning teams lost an average of 8.1%!

Biggest Winner – Team Weight Loss Challenge WINNERS!

  • 1st Place: $100 gift cards for every member: Fat Busters (GATE)
    Deborah Zimmerman, Emily Lambert, and Pam Brown
  • 2nd Place: $50 gift cards for every member: The Miller Targeteers (Miller Elementary School)
    Anna Padilla, Michelle Tarwater, and Renee Murrieta
  • 3rd Place: $25 gift cards for every member: Weighted Measures (STARR Center)
    Alexis Kopkowski, Connie Price-Johnson, and Stephen Gaarder

Achieve 4% Team Weight Loss Goal: Raffle for a $100 gift cards for each member

The Slimsons (Ochoa):
Frances Galaz, Karla Santibanez, Marco Bermudez, Michelle Quinonez, and Nichole Lopez-Carley

Team meets with Health Coach: Raffle for a $50 gift cards for each team member

The Happy Buddha's (Valencia Middle School): Courtney Owen, Karen Evans, Malisa Martinez, Marlena Fuentes, and Michelle Martinez

Top 3 schools with highest % of participation - Free Massage Day

  • Ochoa Community Magnet School
  • Borman Elementary School
  • Ford Elementary School

Biggest Winner: Best Team Name

Diary of a Hangry Teacher

Congratulations to Sara Dineley, Jan Milligan, Christina Petrino, and Veronica Watson of Sewell Elementary! You've won lunch on us! Your Health Coach will bring $15 Baggins Gift Cards for everyone on your Team! Yay!

Power Up Nutrition Challenge Winners

The goal of this challenge was to eat 9 Well Balanced Meals for a chance to win 1 of 25 $50 Sprouts gift cards!

And the winners are...

Amada Tanbal (Johnson)
Ana Kroh (Palo Verde)
Cheryl Leeper (Ex ed)
Christine Seiberlich (Gale)
Cristina Parsons (Catalina)
David Kruszewski (Sahuaro)
Diana Johnston (Ford)
Donna Goble (1010)
Ellen Ruble (Miles)
Emily Bennett (Gridley)
Heidi Bidwell (Rincon)
Jamie French (Catalina)
Jasmin Garcia (Bonillas)
Judith Gramajo (Catalina)
Kacey Obert (Gale)
Katie Rumney (Sam Hughes)
Kim Wahl (Magee)
Kira Moore-Rendon (Ochoa)
Maria Valencia (Schumaker)
Megan Stoermer (Catalina)
Nikki Stefan (Health Services)
Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)
Sandy Marschinke (Duffy)
Shari Sidransky (Cavett)
Teri Shepard-McBride (LIRC)

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