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  • Health and Wellness Fair - October 16 at Catalina

    Health and Wellness Fair Wednesday, October 16, 2:30-6:30 p.m. at Catalina High School, 3645 E. Pima St. in the Hines Gym

    Don't miss the Health and Wellness Fair!
    When: 2:30-6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 16
    Where: Catalina High School -  Hines Gym, 3645 E. Pima St.
    Printable Flier (in PDF)


    • Giveaways
    • Information on Health & Wellness
    • Free Massages
    • And more!
  • Life Talks - Free Health & Wellness Classes

    Life Talks - Free Health and Wellness Classes

    Printable Flier  (in PDF)

    LIFE Talks are FREE health and wellness presentations offered to all Tucson Unified employees who have an interest in learning more about improving their overall well-being.

    • Topics include Managing Stress, Nutrition, Goal Setting, Physical Activity, Self-Care and much more.
    • To request a LIFE Talks presentation at a location near you, please email your health coaches at WellnessCoaches@tusd1.onmicrosoft.com
    • LIFE Talks range from 20–45 minutes with an optional 5-15 minute Q&A session.
    • LIFE Talks can be added to normally scheduled presentations such as Profressional Development, InService and small group meetings upon request.

    Don't forget... Attending four LIFE Talk presentations and/or small group sessions is one of the options for the $300 Wellness Incentive Program. We will sign off on Option 3 after you complete four LIFE Talks.

    Complete one LIFE Talks program on the Tucson Unified Learning Portal!

    2019 – 2020 Employee Wellness Program

    Courses are accessed via the Tucson Unified Learning Portal: https://tucson.truenorthlogic.com/U/P/Channel/-/Guest/Login 

    The learning portal can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world as long as there's access to the internet. However, if it's the first time an employee accesses the system it must be done from a Tucson Unified computer. The portal is accessed using the same user ID and password used for our email account.

    After completion of the course, you must print the completion certificate to submit with your Wellness Incentive Activity Verification Form if you are choosing to use this as one of your four LIFE Talks as Option #3 on the Activity Verification Form.

  • Looking for Classes?
    Check out the Classes webpage.

Current Classes

  • Free Fitness Classes
    There is no need to sign up for classes; just show up at the designated time and place, ready for a workout! All certified fitness instructors work for the Wellness Council of Arizona and they will provide a great workout with modifications as needed. All fitness experience levels are welcome to join.


    • Restorative Yoga @ 1010 in the Maroon Room (1010 E 10th St.)
      5:00 -6:00 pm


    • Strength/Tone @ Hollinger in the Gym ( 150 W. Ajo Way) 7:10 - 8:00 am
    • Restorative Yoga @ Johnson in the Cafeteria (6060 S Joseph) 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Zumba @ Sewell in the Cafeteria (425 N. Sahuara Ave.) 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Yoga @ Gale in the Library (678 S. Gollob Rd.) 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Strength/Tone @ Howell in the Cafeteria (401 N. Irving Ave.) 4:15 - 5:00 pm
    • Strength @ Miles in the Gymnasium (1400 E. Broadway) 5:00 - 6:00 pm


    • Strength/Tone @ Hollinger in the Gym ( 150 W. Ajo Way) 4:10 - 5:00 pm
    • Hatha Yoga @ 1010 in the Maroon Room(1010 E 10th St.) 5:00 - 6:00 pm


    • Yoga @ Gale in the Library (678 S. Gollob Rd.) 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Strength/Tone @ Howell in the Cafeteria (401 N. Irving Ave.) 4:15 - 5:00 pm
    • Strength @ Miles in the Gymnasium (1400 E. Broadway) 5:00 - 6:00 pm

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Programs & Support

Contest Winners

FITGO Bingo - Summer 2019 Winners

Thank you to those who participated in our 2019 FITGO Bingo Summer Challenge. Our outstanding participants completed 1,503 health and wellness squares, 493 bingo lines, and 23 people completely blacked out their FITGO Bingo cards, earning a $10 Gift Card!

With 493 tickets in the FITGO Bingo line raffle, the $25 Healthy Purchase Gift Card raffle winners are:

Anne Dudley (TAP)
Carmen Sierra (1010)
Carrie Crawford (Valencia)
Christa McConaughy (Doolen)
Cyndie Cruze (Collier)
Dolores DeVera (Sub Office)
Hermelinda Montoya (SW Education Center)
Jan Milligan (Sewell)
Jill Leon (Soleng Tom)
Jose Rodriguez Jr. (1010)
Laura Massey-Miller (Borman)
Lisa Bennington-Skay (Doolen)
Lisa Wood-Hromidko (LIRC)
Lori Conner (Carrillo)
Margo Taylor (Miles)
Maria Kagen (Miles)
Matthew Jellison (Gale)
Robin Farias (Catalina)
Sylvia Quiqley (1010)
Tina Schivone (Howell)

The 23 people who blacked out their FITGO Bingo card and received a $10 Gift Card are:

April Knippen(Gridley)
Catherine Rumney (Sam Hughes)
Cyndie Cruze (Collier)
Cynthia Schnell (Direct Link)
Debbee Garcia (Secrist)
Elizabeth Bouwens (Hollinger)
Emily Evans (Henry)
Jan Milligan (Sewell)
Jennifer Dalton (Kellond)
Jennifer Matsuyama (Cragin)
Josue Zuniga (1010)
Joyce Brown (Valencia)
Kevin Startt (1010)
Kim DuPuis (East Trans.)
Kirstin Bittel (Mansfeld)
Lisa Wood-Hromidko (LIRC)
Margo Taylor (Miles)
Maria Kagen (Miles)
Nancy Grim (Wheeler)
Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)
Sylvia Quiqley (1010)
Tina Schivone (Howell)

Plus, the above listed 23 participants were all entered into a Raffle for a FitBit!And the winner is:

Debbee Garcia (Secrist)

Congratulations to all of our FITGO Bingo Raffle Prize Winners!

FITGO Bingo Flier Winners!


Printable Flier (in PDF)

We had five winners whose photos were selected from our 2018 Healthy Selfie Challenge!  They have each won a $25 Healthy Purchase Gift Card – Thank you for letting us use your amazing Healthy Selfies! The Healthy Selfie FITGO Flyer winners are:
Gene Seymour(Pueblo)
Isis Escobar(Hollinger)
Kendra Swatzell(Wheeler)
Nicole De Luca(Erickson)
Zoe Schreiber(Holladay)

2018- 19 Biggest Winner - Team Weight Loss Challenge Winners

The results are in!  Your Tucson Unified health coaches are delighted to share the results of this year's Biggest Winner Team Challenge

Check out all your hard work:

  • 665 people weighed in and out as part of a team in this challenge
  • 3,196 lbs. were lost in this challenge – that's 906 pounds more than last year!
  • The top 3 winning teams lost an average of 7.5%!

This year, we were so excited to see so much teamwork!

We saw teams that kept track of each individual's goals on a poster board, teams that gave each other healthy challenges every week like competing for the most steps or doing a plank every day for a week, teams that walked together on breaks and shared recipes every week, and teams that motivated and supported each other throughout this entire challenge!

2019 Biggest Winner Team Challenge Podium
128 teams weighed in and out and competed for the top spot

1st Place Overall: $150 gift card for every member
Fat No Mo (Wheeler)
Brandy Nix, Eydie Esquival, Holly Maza, Kim Carpenter, and Olivia Yescas

2nd Place Overall: $125 gift card for every member
The Fab 5 (Mary Meredith)
Dan Parent, Ed Simental, Jessica Figueroa, Neal Norzagaray, and Sam West

3rd Place Overall: $100 gift card for every member
The Weight is Over! (Ford)
Cathy Grant, Diana Means, Heather Martin, Marita Beeman, and Mercedes Leon

Raffle Winners

9 teams reached the 5% Team Goal: Raffle for $100 gift card for each member
Tucson High Team Flab-u-less
Alexandra Amaya, Crystal Montante, Debbie Elkins, and Yesenia Monroy

27 teams reached the 4% Team Goal: Raffle for $75 gift card for each member
Cinco Sabercats (Sabino)
Bruce Williams, Carmen Nichols, Christi Del Percio, Janet Stein, and Renee Ibarra

46 teams reached the 3% Team Goal: Raffle for $50 gift card for each member
Team Die Lard (Vesey)
Artesia Ulrich-Runge, Jenny Fiero, Ray Montana, and Skyler Shenk

69 teams reached the 2% Team Goal: Raffle for a $25 gift card for each member
Weigh-less Travelers (Wheeler)
Ann Gershweir, April Hartman, and Mollie Grove

128 teams weighed in and weighed out: Raffle for a $25 gift card for each member
Go-Getters (Ford)
Angie Hoover, Cindy Weintraub, Karen Motl, Matthew Holter, Shirley Taylor

Top 3 sites with highest % of participation
Of the 86 locations that participated in the challenge, the massage days go to:
Collier Elementary
Borman K-8
Ford Elementary

Healthy Selfie Spring Break Flier Winners

Take a look at the Spring Break flier (in PDF), featuring a Healthy Selfie we received from Transportation East employees!

  • Debra Dobyna
  • Jeanne Harvey
  • Ramona Parsell
  • Taeko Miller

Thank you for sharing your Healthy Selfie! You've each won a $25 gift card!

Rodeo Break Healthy Selfie Winners

First, take a look at the Rodeo Break Flyer (in PDF)! The flyer features Healthy Selfies sent in from Tucson Unified Employees. The employees featured in the Rodeo Break Activities flyer have all won a $25 Gift Card! Your Health Coach will reach out and deliver the prizes to the winners!
  • Marsha Willey (Alice Vail)
  • Mary Carpio (Cholla)
  • Adriana Boyd (Davis)
  • Rita Duarte (Davis)
  • Monica Garcia-Salas (Lynn Urquides)

2018-2019 Maintain Don't Gain Participants and Winners

Great job to all of our Maintain, Don't Gain participants! The goal was to maintain your weight throughout the 2018-2019 Holiday Season.

  • 629 people weighed in before Halloween and weighed out after the New Year for this challenge!
  • 507 people maintained their weight within 2 pounds!
  • 243 people lost more than 2 pounds during this challenge!
  • The total pounds lost was 1,588.6 pounds!

Everyone who weighed in and weighed out earned a ticket into the Maintain Don’t Gain Raffle Prize Drawing! Everyone who maintained within 2 lbs or lower over the holidays earned 5 additional tickets into the drawing!

2018-2019 Maintain, Don't Gain WINNERS!

Infusion Pro 32 oz. Fruit Water Bottle Infuser w/Insulated Sleeve and Infusion eBook Winners:

Alex Campbell (McCorkle)
Elaine Straub (Pueblo)
Ida Melen (Collier)
Jamie Caruth (Schumaker)
Jeanne Harvey (Transportation East)
Lisa Wood-Hromidko (LIRC)
Lupita Alvarez (Transportation West)
Mary Spencer (Gridley)
Sonja Hopson (Wheeler)
Sylvia Quigley (1010)

Sunrise Alarm Clock Winners:

Anjanette Gutierrez (Tucson High)
Betsy Dupuis (Miles)
Connie Henderson (Food Services)
Constance Onsae (Pueblo)
Dana Griffith (Catalina)
Jennifer Sprung (Project MORE)
Katie Parker (McCorkle)
Mary Elenes (1010)
Melissa Kornmuller (Catalina)
Patrick Feaman (Gridley)
Rogelio Lara (Tucson High)

Workout Kit w/AB Roller Pro, Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope, Knee Pad and Workout Guide Winners:

Adam Norzagaray (Borman)
Angelica Munoz (MASSD)
Frances Romero (Transportation West)
Janet Stein (Sabino)
Laura Fennema (Pueblo)
Margaret Egan (1010)
Michelle Guillen (McCorkle)
Monica Romero (Brichta)
Raul Reyes (Maxwell)
Sharon Ogle (Holladay)
Valdez Honorable (Borman) 

Yoga Kit w/Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, Yoga Strap and 2 Full-length Yoga Workouts Winners:

Angela Hixon (Holladay)
Angela Tenace (Safford)
Bianca Solis (MASSD)
Jessica Martinez (Marshall)
Johnny Armenta (1010)
Joshua Baker (Transportation West)
Mark Reynolds (Direct Link)
Paulina Dewoody (Holladay)
Shelly Vick (Doolen)
Stacey Darkho (Tucson High)
Stephen Waclawik (Rincon)

High-Density Round Foam Roller w/Foam Rolling Guide Winners:
Alex DeVaughn (Tully)
Angie Cervantes (Borton)
Cinthia Arvayo (C.E. Rose)
Felicia Garner (Utterback)
Jessica Franklin (Ford)
Kirsten Cummins (LIRC)
Lori Martinez (White)
Megan Andrews (Valencia)
Nichole Lopez – Carley (Ochoa)
Nora Vergara Delgado (Hollinger)
Phil Dukes (University)

LIFE Insulated Lunch Tote Winners:

Jennifer Crowl (Duffy)
Kristin Kamell (Soleng Tom)
Lupita Gamez (MASSD)
Margaret Kerrihard-Weiss (Utterback)
Margaret Seamans (Borton)
Vanessa Manion (Soleng Tom)

Biggest Winner Team Challenge Flier - Healthy Selfie Winners!

Annette Morey (Erickson)
Christina Petrino (Sewell)
Cindy James (Safford)
Erin Pier (Erickson)
Heather Mace (Banks)
Jessica Flax (Banks)
Julie Alvira (Erickson)
Kia Parks (Erickson)
Laura Gutowski (Banks)
Lorri Andrews (Banks)
Michelle Marquez (Erickson)
Robin Gilbert (Safford)
Sara Dineley (Sewell)
Tracey Burton (Safford)
Veronica Watson (Sewell)
Yolanda Chamseddine (Safford)

Each of these people have won $25 Gift Cards, which will be delivered by their health coaches.

Winter Break Flier - Healthy Selfie Winners!

Angela Lopez (Maldonado)
Hannah Thandi (Gale)
Kirstin Bittel (Mansfeld)
Nicole De Luca (Erickson)
Vanessa Aguayo (Maldonado)
Zoe Schreiber (Holladay)

Healthy Selfie Winners

We received 1,255 Healthy Selfies during The Healthy Selfie Challenge! We are so happy that you have shared your healthy moments with us!

Every Healthy Selfie we received was entered into a drawing for 1 of 25 $50 gift cards towards a healthy purchase of the winner's choice!

Every employee that hit all seven categories (Trying a new healthy food or activity, Self-Care, Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration, Healthy Selfie with group, Picture with their Health Coach) was entered into a raffle drawing for a day at Canyon Ranch!

Bonus! If your photo is randomly selected for an upcoming Tucson Unified health and wellness promotional flyer in the 2018-2019 school year, you will receive a $25 gift card towards a healthy purchase of your choice!

We are pleased to announce The Healthy Selfie Challenge winners!

$50 Gift Card Winners!

  • Amanda Montgomery (Grijalva)
  • Ana Kroh (Palo Verde)
  • Angela Saltz (Cavett)
  • Beatriz Gavino (Tucson High)
  • Debra Jacobs (Marshall)
  • Denise Rasmussen (Direct Link)
  • Donna Fine (Annex)
  • Elizabeth Bouwens (Hollinger)
  • Haydee Hernandez (Teacher Mentor)
  • Jana Vargas (Miles)
  • Jennifer Silas (1010)
  • Julie Alvira (Erickson)
  • Kimberly Martin (Johnson)
  • Kirsten Miller (Erickson)
  • Lisa Cardenas (Tucson High)
  • Lori Encinas (Catalina)
  • Nicole De Luca (Erickson)
  • Norma Gonzales (1010)
  • Rachel Rudder (Safford)
  • Robin Farias (Catalina)
  • Susan Essington (Direct Link)
  • Teresa Federico (Lynn Urquides)
  • Thelma Ruiz (Johnson)
  • Vivienne Castillo (Whitmore)
  • William Olivas (Westside Transportation)

Grand Prize: A Day at Canyon Ranch Winner!

Tammy Case (Cholla)

LIFE - Lifestyle Improvements for Employees

Lifestyle Improvements For Employees
  • Tucson Unified Wellness Program - Free to all district employees!

    • Health Coaching
    • Fitness Classes
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Wellness Workshops
    • School Break Activities

    Health Coaches work for the Wellness Council of Arizona to serve the health interests of employees. All information shared with them is kept confidential and is not shared with any management personnel or any other employees

  • Success Stories
    Thank you so much for encouraging my fitness with FITGO! I have really benefited from the program. Usually in the summer time I don't eat as well since I'm home and tend to snack, but with the goals provided by the card, I have changed my habits and feel much better! I also have enjoyed the challenges to explore new places: the loop, fitness gatherings, etc. It has been good for me to get to bed and get up at the same time so school starting won't be as much of a jolt. I also appreciate my fitness coach Debbie. She is so supportive of me and her advice and willingness to communicate and meet with me has helped. Knowing I had FITGO as my goal has given me direction in making good choices about exercise, food, and leisure this summer. Thank you!

    Emily Evans
    Orchestra Teacher at Ford, Fruchthendler, Henry, Hudlow, Sewell Elementary Schools


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