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Wellness at Tucson Unified

LIFE: Lifestyle Improvements for Employees - An employee wellness program by Tucson Unified

Wellness Program Home | A partnership between Tucson Unified and the Wellness Council of Arizona
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Be Well Connected - Workout At Home Series

We are introducing a mini-Workout At Home Newsletter from the Wellness Council of Arizona.  So instead of one workout, PDF-style, you can choose from a couple to view on YouTube. 

Week 51 - Move Better!

Workout At Home is about Moving Better.  This workout addresses mobility and stability in the joints in moves and motions that we do and use daily.  

Watch it: Move BetterLorey Pro |

Printable workout with the moves:  Move Better Workout in PDF

Previous Workout At Home Series

See all previous Workout at Home Videos ranging from Chair Yoga, Kickboxing, Cardio Workouts, and so much more!

Workout At Home

Workout from Home Fit movement into your day with free workouts from our Wellness Coaches!

Week 46 - Dumbells
Week 44 - Body Weight
Week 43 - Kettlebells
Week 42 - Ab Workout
Week 41 - Kickboxing
Week 40 - Sun Salutation
Week 39 - Working with negatives
Week 38 - Yoga HIIT
Week 37 - Cookie Crusher Core
Week 36 - Candy Cane Cardio
Week 35 - Body Weight Workout
Week 34 - Stretch and Relax
Week 33 - Body Weight Workout
Week 32 - Full Body with Dumbbells
Week 31 - Pump It Up With Pumpkins
Week 30 - Seated Full Body Stretch
Week 29 - Legs and Glutes
Week 28 - Pilates
Week 27 – Body Weight Strength
Week 26 – Abs
Week 25 – Boxing
Week 24 – Chair Barre Class
Week 23 – Muscle Memory – Beginner
Week 22 – Mini Bands Workout
Week 21 – Compound Movement Workout
Week 20 – Broom Stretch Workout
Week 19 – Core on the Floor
Week 18 – Upper Body Workout
Week 17 – Balance, Core & Strength Workout
Week 16 – Total Body Stretch
Week 15 – Kickboxing Workout
Week 14 – Kettlebell Workout
Week 13 – Foam Roll Workout
Week 12 – Muscle Memory Workout
Week 11 – Water Bottle Arm Workout
Week 10 – Yoga HIIT Workout
Week 9 – Leg Workout
Week 8 – High-Intensity Interval Training
Week 7 – Core Workout
Week 6 – Basic Pilates
Week 5 – Total Body HIIT Workout
Week 4 – 15 Minute Yoga Flow
Week 3 – High-Intensity Interval Training
Week 2 – 20 Minute Basic Yoga Flow
Week 1 – 15 Minute Total Body Workout

Health At Home Information, suggestions, and ideas to support you and your wellness efforts and goals in these changing times, from your Wellness Coaches.

Contest Winners

Steps to De-Stress Winners

The Steps to De-Stress: Step into Holiday Cash Challenge was our not-so-subtle way to encourage you to find decreased stress and increased calm. Tucson Unified employees completed 9,330 de-stressing activities throughout this four-week challenge. All participants who completed 16 or more de-stressing activities were entered into a drawing for 1 of 12 $25 Amazon gift cards! Participants who completed 24 or more de-stressing activities were entered in the grand prize drawing for 1 of 12 $100 Amazon gift cards!

Steps to De-Stress $25 Gift Card Winners:

Jacqueline Freed (Cragin)

Kristina Grebloski (1010)

Stacy Connor (Maxwell)

Katlyn Froebe (Ford)

Lori Herron (Myers-Ganoung)

Teri Shepard-McBride (LIRC)

Kimberley Martin (Johnson)

Mary Ann Hassey (Magee)

Valerie Molina-Howard (TAP)

Kris Kissel (Sabino)

Nina Hipps (Tully)

Veronica Watson (Sewell)

Steps to De-Stress Grand Prize $100 Gift Card Winners:

Amy DeWitt (Myers-Ganoung)

Jacki Jordan (Borman)

Sharon Waddill (Howell)

Esther Hagberg (Alice Vail)

Mukesh Barsiwal (Pistor)

Shirine Ghoulam (Palo Verde)

Gayle Laporte (Blenman)

Rebecca Rusciolelli (1010)

Sonia Sharma (Pistor)

Gricelda Meraz (Hollinger)

Robin Plouffe (Steele)

Tara Lopez (Van Buskirk)

Congratulations to all of our Steps to De-Stress Challenge Raffle Winners!

Employee Wellbeing Interest Survey

Photo of Tara Carmody Photo of Abigail Edgell
From left to right: First-place winner, Tara Carmody, Roberts-Naylor, and second-place winner, Abigail Edgell, Pueblo
Employee Wellbeing Survey Winners Flier (in PDF)

Thank you to the 541 district employees who participated in the Wellbeing Survey!

Congratulations to our Fitbit Winners, Tara Carmody from Roberts-Naylor, and Abigail Edgell from Pueblo High.

Veg-Out Challenge Winners

Cheers to eating more vegetables! The October Veg-Out Challenge was our not-so-subtle way to encourage you to eat more vegetables and track those servings. 24,486 servings of vegetables were consumed and logged during the challenge! All participants who consumed 50 or more servings of vegetables during the four-week challenge were entered into a drawing for 1 of 10, $25 gift cards! Participants who consumed 100 or more vegetables were entered in the grand prize drawing for 1 of 10, $100 gift cards! Plus, we included a bonus raffle of 20 avocado kitchen tools that will split, pit, and slice your avocados with ease!

Avocado Tool Winners

Angie Cervantes (Borton)
Cindy James (Safford)
Claudia Leon (Mission View)
Debbie Black (Bloom)
Feven Afewerki (McCorkle)
Ilsa Bednar (Howell)
Jamie Faulkner (Gridley)
Jen Metzler (Lineweaver)
Katharine North (Kellond)
Lisa Bennington Skay (Doolen)

Maria Balaguer (Tucson High)
Martha Miranda (Pueblo)
Rachel Ruder (Utterback)
Renee Parra (Cholla)
Ruby Hosseinmardi (Doolen)
Sally Jacunski (1010)
Sunday Hamilton (Tucson High)
Teresa Nielsen (Magee)
Theresa Nangeroni (Wheeler)
Zabie Nields (Roberts Naylor)

Veg-Out Challenge $25 Amazon Gift Card Winners:

Carmen Nichols (Sabino)
Jenny Fiero (Vesey)
Jerry Lazur (Dropout prevention)
Jolene Luquin (Steele)
Katlyn Froebe (Ford)

Kim Lurie (Tucson High)
Margaret Moeykens (Henry)
McKenna Graham (Steele)
Michaela Moeykens (Blenman)
Yesenia Monroy (Tucson High)

Veg-Out Challenge Grand Prize Amazon $100 Gift Card Winners

Allie Kerr (Vesey)
Anya Mykoliuk Thompson (Catalina)
Chloe de Masi (Drachman)
Dinah McGlory (Dodge)
Frannie Neal (Grijalva)

Ida Melen (Collier)
Jacqueline Freed (Cragin)
Joel Dunst (LIRC)
Josue P. Zuniga (1010)
Wendy McFeely (Catalina)

Congratulations to all of our Veg-Out Challenge Raffle Prize Winners!

Meet Your Health Coach

We were delighted to kick off this school year with the Meet Your Health Coach Challenge! We had the pleasure of meeting with 309 Tucson Unified employees from August 17 to September 18. All employees who participated in the challenge were entered into a raffle drawing for 1 of 20 $50 Amazon e-gift cards.

The Meet Your Health Coach Challenge Winners are:

Angela Saltz

Karen Evans

Leticia Lozano

Sonja Hopson

Eric Wirth

Karen Gutierrez

Lori Herron

Sonjia Martin

Jamie Tarpey

Keri Wiley

Margaret Seamans

Suzette Gorrell

Jenny Fiero

Laura Fennema

Maria Kagen

Suzie Basurto

Jerry Lazur
(Dropout Prevention)

Laura Flores Gastelum

Shelley Vick

Tina Schivone

Congratulations to all of our Meet Your Health Coach Challenge Raffle Prize Winners!

FITGO Bingo - Summer 2020 Winners

We want to send a big Thank You to those who participated in our 2020 FITGO Bingo Summer Challenge. The outstanding participants completed 3,112 health and wellness squares and 1,058 bingo lines this summer! We are pleased to announce this year’s FITGO Bingo Raffle Winners.

All FITGO Bingo challengers earned a raffle for a Back to School Wellness Survival Kit!

Back to School Wellness Survival Kit Winners:

Aimee Parrish (Catalina)
Angela Lopez (Maldonado)
Anna Aragon-Gaona (Oyama)
Anya Mykoliuk-Thompson (Catalina)
April Knippen (Gridley)
Brandon Dorathy (Wheeler)
Dawn Fradette (Mansfeld)
Ellen Dunscomb (Sam Hughes)
Emily Adams (McCorkle)
Emily Evans (Hudlow)
Kristen Bury (Drachman)
Mary Elenes (1010)
Megan Beals (Tucson High)
Monica Tovar (Food Services)
Norma Lerma (White)
Rebecca Rusciolelli (1010)
Sonia Dunscombe (Steele)
Stacey Darko (Tucson High)
Taeko Miller (Eastside Transportation)
Wendy Johnson-Roe (Cragin)

All 1,058 completed Bingo lines earned a raffle entry for $50 Amazon Gifted Cards!

$50 Amazon Gift Cards Raffle Winners:

Cheryl Watters (Sahuaro)
Cindy James (Safford)
Cynthia Busby (Collier)
Julie Alvira (Erickson)
Kathy Jensen (Cholla)
Kelly Bristow (Catalina)
Leticia Santiesteban (Sub)
Luz Barrandey (Warren)
Nina Jolly (Howell)
Rita Scott (Robins)
Sierra Griggs (Hollinger)
Sylvia Quigley (1010)

All 54 participants who blacked out their FITGO Bingo cards were entered into an additional raffle for $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

$100 Amazon Gift Cards Raffle Winners:

Corey Poindexter Ramirez (Maxwell)
Cyndie Cruze (Collier)
Kris Kissel (Sabino)
Lindsey Aragon (Miller)
Maria Elena Mendoza (Whitmore)
Marta Marin-Magana (Manzo)
Stephanie Alvarez (Davis)
Valerie Andree (Brichta)

Congratulations to all of our FITGO Bingo Raffle Prize Winners!

2019-20 Biggest Winner - Team Weight Loss Challenge Winners

The results are in! Your Tucson Unified health coaches are delighted to share the results of this year's Biggest Winner Team Challenge! Check out all your hard work:

  • 493 people completed the challenge by sending in their NSV form and/or weighing out
  • 3,324 lbs. were lost in this challenge
  • The top 3 winning teams lost an average of 8.9%

This year, we have 13 winning teams and 59 winners in total!

Your Biggest Winner WINNERS!

The Biggest Winner Podium - $50 Gift cards for each team member

1st Place Overall: LIRCitas (LIRC)

Jeanette Acuna, Sophia Desaracho, and Teri Shepard-McBride

2nd Place Overall:

Drop it Like it's HOT! (Wheeler):
Ashley Rodriguez, Ashley Timmons, Brandy Nix, Elizabeth Houston-Judd, and Kelly O'Brien

3rd Place Overall:

The Thincredibles (Alice Vail):
Anne Counihan-Gershweir, April Hartman, Jackie Stensel, Mollie Grove, and Susan Williams

Raffle Winners- $50 Gift cards for each team member

  • Calorie Killers-Stay Sexy and Don't Get Fat! (McCorkle):
    Caity Reddington, Emily Adams, Feven Afewerki, Laura Segura, and Sitlai Garcia Saucedo
  • Darkside Darlings (Henry):
    Bonnie Dorfman, Diane Holzman, Elena Doughty, Mary Starks, and Tracy Ganote
  • Dump the Junk (Mission View):
    Claudia Leon, Deanna Valdez, Frances Galaz, Griselda Lopez, and Jessica Smith
  • Fat? No Spanx! (Sewell):
    Christina Petrino, Jan Milligan, Sara Dineley, Tusamba Nefwani, and Veronica Watson
  • Mamacitas Losin' It (Tucson High):
    Beatriz Gavino, Danielle Celaya, Elizabeth Hernandez, Leah Forger, and Stacey Darko
  • Nacho Average Teachers (Roberts-Naylor):
    Amanda Marchioni, Gloria Kanis, Julie Groce, Nicole Loaiza, and Yshelle Barraza
  • Shrinking Roses (C.E. Rose):
    Angelica Elias, Erika Hernandez, Eunice Fierro, Marie Huerta, and Megan Bailey
  • Slim Pickens (Magee):
    Eric Wirth, Roxanne Martinez, and Sarah Ramos
  • The Thick and Thins (Erickson):
    Cassey McCormick, Julie Alvira, Michelle Marquez, Nicole De Luca, and Regina Ortega-Mccarty
  • Thrivin' Not Survivan' (Sabino):
    Lisa Weber-Lowrie, Miranda Lebofsky-Penner, and Renee Ibarra

Best Team Name Raffle Winners - $15 Gift cards for each team member

13 amazing names were entered into a the "Best Team Name" Raffle

Nacho Average Teachers (Roberts-Naylor)

Kudos and thank you for participating in the 2020 Biggest Winner Team Challenge!

Healthy Selfie Winners

We had so much fun with the 2019 Healthy Selfie Challenge! We love seeing your photos and hearing about what wellness means to each of you./p>

The goal of the Healthy Selfie Challenge was to submit photos and hit 3 or more categories (Wellness For You, New recipe or activity, Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration, Group photo, Selfie with your Health Coach) to be entered into the Healthy Selfie Raffle Drawing between Oct 16 – Dec 6. Each employee could earn up to 7 raffle entries for 1 of 15 Health and Wellness Prize Bags valued at $100 each. This year, we had 976 raffle entries!

We are pleased to announce the Healthy Selfie Challenge Winners!

Nutrition Prize Bag Winners - 6-quart Instant Pot and Instant Pot Accessories

Grace Kinney (Steele)

Isabella Jaramillo (MASS)

Teresa Federico (Lynn Urquides)

Fitness Prize Bag Winners
Fitbit Inspire and a 3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad with Workout Guide

Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)

Sondra Dewey (Safety)

Trinidad Tester (Catalina)

Yoga & Mobility Prize Bag Winners
Yoga Kit with Yoga Mat, Yoga Block & Yoga Strap, Foam Roller, Theracane, and Massage Balls Set

Karin Lee (Cholla)

Michelle Marquez (Erickson)

Sylvia Quigley (1010)

Self-Care Prize Bag Winners
Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (550ml 12 Hours Wood Grain Aroma Diffuser), Plant Therapy - 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy - 7 Essential Oils & 7 Synergy Blends and Plant Therapy Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil

Angela Lopez (Maldonado)

Jennifer Osborne (Collier)

Rachel Ruder (Roberts-Naylor)

Hydration Prize Bag Winners
ZAK 30 oz Stainless Double Wall Steel Tumbler, 64oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Growler, Infusion Pro 32 oz. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle with Insulated Sleeve, Fruit Infused Water Recipes and Ulla Hydration Reminder

Ellen Dunscomb (Sam Hughes)

Megha Sharma (Myers Ganoung)

Yolanda Chamseddine (Safford)

We want to give a quick shout out to all of the employees who hit all 7 categories in this year's challenge. The following employees have each won a LIFE Insulated Grocery Bag and were entered into the Grand Prize Raffle Drawing:

Amanda Montgomery (Grijalva)

Kelsey Haag (Borman)

Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)

Ana Kroh (Palo Verde)

Kevin Startt (1010)

Patty Van Asdlan (Duffy)

Ana Maria Lopez Medrano (Hollinger)

Kim DuPuis (East Trans)

Peg Wilmore (Gridley)

Angela Lopez (Maldonado)

Kim Martin (Johnson)

Rachel Ruder (Roberts-Naylor)

Coleen Holliday (Cragin)

Kimberly Rogers (Duffy)

Robin Farias (Catalina)

Dawn Sarnes (Collier)

Kirstin Bittel (1010)

Robin McSpadden (Sabino)

Debra Jacobs (Marshall)

Lindsey Aragon (Miller)

Robyn Soberg (Henry)

Elena Doughty (Henry)

Lisa Langford (Collier)

Sharon Waddill (Howell)

Elizabeth Bouwens (Hollinger)

Maggie Derksen (Miles)

Soraya Marrone (Hollinger)

Grace Kinney (Steele)

Margaret Moeykens (Henry)

Susan Essington (Direct Link)

Ida Melen (Collier)

Margaret Seamans (Borton)

Sylvia Quigley (1010)

Isis Escobar (Hollinger)

Maria Elena Mendoza (Whitmore)

Taeko Miller (East Trans)

Jackie Freed (Cragin)

Megha Sharma (Myers Ganoung)

Tammy Case (Cholla)

Jan Milligan (Sewell)

Melissa King (Collier)

Trinidad Tester (Catalina)

Janet Stein (Sabino)

Mercedes Mejias (East Trans)

Trish Sierra (Borman)

Jennifer Osborne (Collier)

Michelle Garcia (1010)

Vanda Morey (Collier)

Julie Alvira (Erickson)

Nicky Cota Robles (Kellond)

Vanessa Manion (Soleng Tom)

Julie Groce (Roberts-Naylor)

Nina Jolly (Howell)

Yolanda Chamseddine (Safford)

Karin Lee (Cholla)



Grand prize: Health and Wellness Prize Bag valued at $250
ZAK 30 oz Stainless Double Wall Steel Tumbler, ZAK 64oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Growler, Ulla Hydration Reminder, Fitbit Inspire, Theracane, Instant Pot and Stress Relief: 100% Pure Essential Oil Body Spray, Face Mist, Room Spray, Anxiety Relief, Insomnia Relief, Spa & Relaxation Oil

Lindsey Aragon (Miller)

*All Healthy Selfie prizes will be delivered in a LIFE Insulated Grocery Bag. Your health coach will reach out to the challenge winners and deliver their prizes before Winter Break!

Congratulations to all of the Healthy Selfie Challengers and to all of our winners!

Current Programs

  • Life Talks - Building Strength, Energy and Vitality and Wellness U
    The LIFE Talks Series are packages of four presentations,offered FREE and pre-recorded to all Tucson Unified employees and are hosted by your Tucson Unified Wellness Coaches. The Talks are health and lifestyle presentations designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of ways to improve your overall wellbeing. *** Attending/viewing four LIFE Talks presentations/recorded webinars(in their entirety) is Option 3 for the $300 Wellness Incentive Program. ***

LIFE - Lifestyle Improvements for Employees

Lifestyle Improvements For Employees
  • Tucson Unified Wellness Program - Free to all district employees!

    • Health Coaching
    • Fitness Classes
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Wellness Workshops
    • School Break Activities

    Health Coaches work for the Wellness Council of Arizona to serve the health interests of employees. All information shared with them is kept confidential and is not shared with any management personnel or any other employees

  • Success Stories
    Thank you so much for encouraging my fitness with FITGO! I have really benefited from the program. Usually in the summer time I don't eat as well since I'm home and tend to snack, but with the goals provided by the card, I have changed my habits and feel much better! I also have enjoyed the challenges to explore new places: the loop, fitness gatherings, etc. It has been good for me to get to bed and get up at the same time so school starting won't be as much of a jolt. I also appreciate my fitness coach Debbie. She is so supportive of me and her advice and willingness to communicate and meet with me has helped. Knowing I had FITGO as my goal has given me direction in making good choices about exercise, food, and leisure this summer. Thank you!

    Emily Evans
    Orchestra Teacher at Ford, Fruchthendler, Henry, Hudlow, Sewell Elementary Schools


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