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Announcements for Employees

Course Approval Process

Print Version of Course Approval Flowchart (in PDF)

Each proposal to change, delete, or create a course is reviewed at each of the steps below. If it is approved, then it is forwarded to the next review body. The course approval process at TUSD aims to support creation of courses which improve student course offerings, strengthen Advanced Learning Experiences for students, and provides varied enrichment opportunities for students. All course proposals will be carefully reviewed for alignment to Arizona's College and Career Ready (AZCCR) Standards and TUSD's Curriculum Framework.

  1. Statement of identified need for course
  2. Complete and submit the Course Proposal Form (Print Version - in PDF) attaching the following four required Documents:
    1. Course Syllabus (Template)
    2. Scope/Sequence (if applicable)
    3. Curriculum Map (if applicable)
    4. Staffing
  3. Sr. Director of Curriculum reviews submitted proposal in conjunction with content area specialist - If denied, resubmit option. If approved, continue. (2-4 weeks)
  4. Initiator notified of approval and next steps (2 weeks)
  5. Reviewed by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum (1-2 weeks)
  6. Submitted to Governing Board for approval (4-8 weeks)
  7. Submit for course competency approval to AZ Board of Regents (4 weeks)

Our District Legacies

As Dan Schulter thumbs the pages in his high school yearbook, his memories take over. The Dodge Middle Magnet School principal laughs and ponders, recalling teachers and classmates. Some are still active in his every day life through social media or as parents of his students. Others have faded into his past, but remain tenants in his memory.

"Even though we live in a big city, there's sort of this small-town feel to Tucson," Schulter explains. "You know people from an experience from years ago."

Schulter first came to Tucson as an elementary student. After a brief tenure at Bonillas, he finished out elementary school at Dietz, before moving onto Fickett and eventually Palo Verde High.

His great aunt, Myrtle Buckner, served as the governing board secretary for the district. She would invite him to the Morrow Education Center for lunch.

"I have these recollections of that building, so it's kind of this unique experience when I go back and think about that," Schulter says. He frequents the building now as an administrator.

His great aunt was the ultimately the reason his parents decided to move to Tucson from Chicago. Multiple of Schulter's family members worked for the district in some capacity, and he now has a daughter who teaches at Magee Middle School.

"I've sort of seen the different ins and outs of working for the district."

Schulter admits that he was unaware of Dodge at first, but he knew it was the right place for him the moment he walked in the door to interview.

He says it best himself, "I feel like I make the right difference here."

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Curriculum 4.0

Tucson Unified School District - K-12 Curriculum

2018-2019 eGuide of Courses

Teachers, you can now access Curriculum 4.0 from home! Just log into Office 365. Enter your district email on the first login screen, then, when prompted, enter your district login and password. Click the links below!

Note: These materials are only available to TUSD employees through Office 365.

Governing Board Policies and Regulations - Tucson Unified School District

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