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Employees of the Year

Celebration of the Stars honors Tucson Unified employees who consistently provide excellent service to students, families, the district and the community. Awards are given in multiple categories to highlight employees across all types of positions.

Past nominees have included school administrators, teachers, custodians, counselors, school safety officers, office staff, and all sorts of other employees.

Nominations for this year's celebration were accepted through Friday, March 8, 2019. The nomination period is now closed.

Please send any questions or comments to:  or call 520.225.6009.

TUSD Employee of the Year Criteria

Job Knowledge: The nominee is an ace! This is the person you go to when you need help with an issue because you know they will help you or point you in the right direction.

Quality of Work and Customer Service: The nominee is the person you think of when you want something done right. This person goes above and beyond to provide first-rate service to parents, students, staff, and the community.

Productivity: This one pertains mostly to the nominee's colleagues. If you work with your nominee, do they get the job done—and then some? We're looking for nominees who demonstrate an above-average knowledge of job responsibilities and deliver a high-quality job performance.

Teamwork: It makes the dream work. We are looking for nominees who pitch in, work well with others, cooperate with their teams to achieve campus, department, or district goals.

Adaptability/Flexibility: Nominees should be able to adapt when schedules get hectic or things just don't go as planned. We're looking for problem-solvers, for people who can go with the flow and make things better along the way.

Communication Skills: With this nominee, you always know the Who, What, Where, When, Why. The nominee displays excellent communication skills and clearly demonstrates good rapport with students, parents, and staff.

Initiative: A go-getter who surprises you with new ideas and solutions to problems. With this nominee on the job, you know the work will be moving forward.

Leadership: The nominee creates an environment that fosters respect, integrity, fairness and professionalism. We're looking for leaders who are committed to district values and the district mission.

Celebration of the Stars

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