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We've provided a rich selection of free, fun online learning sources in English language arts (ELA), math, science, and visual arts to supplement your learning. These are organized by grade level. Click the grade level for your child to get started!

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How to Use This Page

This page contains a "menu" of lessons and activities for this week's learning at home. You will find the objectives: the specific skills that your child will be able to do. Then you will find a selection of lessons and activities which help your child master those skills. If you run into technical issues or other difficulties with any of these, simply move on and choose another. These activities fit into the Sample Dailly Schedule.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Your child DOES NOT have to complete all activities listed for each subject.
  • Activities have been identified to give your child choice and variety.
  • Your child's teacher may suggest other activities more appropriate for your child.


Please email or call your teacher.

Grade 1 Literacy - Week Six

Printable Version of this lesson board in PDF format

1st Grade Literacy

Week 6 May 11-15
Semana 11-15 de mayo

Weekly Packet

Paquete Semanal

Literacy Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text using key details.
  • compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.
  • ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text.
  • know and apply phonics and word analysis skills in decoding one-syllable or two-syllable words.

Objetivos de literarios: Los estudiantes podrán

  • escribir las conexiones entre dos individuos, eventos, ideas o piezas de información en un texto usando detalles claves.
  • comparar y contrastar las aventuras y experiencias de los personajes en las historias.
  • cuestionar y contestar preguntas para determinar y clarificar el significado de las palabras y frases en el texto.
  • saber y aplicar el análisis de palabras y los fonemas para decodificar palabras de una y dos sílabas.

Benchmark Education Home-School Letter

Go to Clever and select the Benchmark app.

Go to your inbox and click on assignments.

Find the Home-School letter titled

Or click the hyperlink

Unit 9 Home-School Connections

Have your parents read the letter.

Conexiones con el hogar –Adelante

Ve a Clever y selecciona la aplicación de Adelante. Ve a la bandeja de entrada y haz clic en “assignments” tareas. Encuentra la carta

Unidad 9 Conexiones con el hogar

Que tus padres lean la carta o haz clic en el enlace.

Spelling & Phonics

soon, hook, good, bloom, smooth, wood, shook, tooth, does, another

Practice your spelling words using the strategies from the past weeks.

Writing Prompt

Who is the most important service provider in your community? What makes them important?

Ortografía y Palabras de uso frecuente

ruido, acuario, huevo, cuidar, otro, agua, guardar, guante, cuento, suave **otro, lavar, algún, alguno

Practica las palabras de esta semana de diferentes maneras. Encircula los diptongos


Unidad 9 semana 3

Fonética y palabras de uso frecuente: diptongos

Ortografía y vocabulario: diptongos


¿Quién es el proveedor de servicios más importante en tu comunidad? ¿Qué lo hace importante?

Summer Bridge Workbook

Turn to the following pages and do the listed problems:

Kinds of Sentences: Page 33 1-4

Page 116 12-14

Empower One A Day Workbook

Complete the following activity from your Empower workbook, Here is the Story

Summer Bridge Workbook

Haz las siguientes hojas en tu libro de inglés de Summer Bridge:

Tipos de oraciones: Page 33 1-4

Page 116 12-14

Empower Uno al Día

Completa una de las siguientes actividades en tu libro de Empower: Comparar dos Historias

Benchmark Reading Selection

Go to Clever and select the Benchmark app.

Click on assignments.

Read the story assigned and complete the activity at the end of the story.

“Pay and Play at the Zoo”

“Jack’s Job”

Selecion de Lectura de Adelante

Ve a Cleveryselecciona la aplicación de Adelante. Ve a tu bandeja de entrada y haz clic en “assignments” tareas. Lee la historia asignada y completa las actividades.


Otro tipo de huevos

SuccessMaker, K-8

Go to Cleverand select the SuccessMaker app.

Practice at least 20 minutes each day. Try to get 80% correct. If not, do another session.

Imagine Learning

Go to Clever and select the Imagine Learning app. Complete a session of 20 minutes every day.


Ve a Clever y selecciona la aplicación de IMAGINE

Practica una sección completa de por lo menos 20 minutos diarios.

Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool

Handwriting Practice Sheet

Benchmark Universe Interactive Games

Go to Benchmark Advance and play the assigned /oo/ vowel pattern games.

Balloon POP


Word Builder

Escritura Interactiva

Haz la página de escritura unidad 9 semana 3

Juegos interactivos Educacionales

Ve a tu bandeja de entrada en Benchmark Adelante y haz clic en “assignments” tareas. Haz los Juegos de los diptongos


Formar palabras

Revienta el globo

Benchmark Universe Assessments

Go to Cleverand select the Benchmark app.

Click on assignments.

Take the assessment assigned to you.

Unit 9 week 3.

Evaluación de Adelante

Ve a Cleveryselecciona la aplicación de Adelante. Ve a tu bandeja de entrada y haz clic en “assignments” tareas. Haz la evaluación la Unidad 9 Semana 3.Completa la evaluación en línea

Scholastic Learn At Home Projects

Go to the Scholasticpage.

Explore a topic you are interested in. Pick a

Day journey and complete the tasks!

Username: Learning20

Password: Clifford

Proyectos en casa

Ve a la página de Scholastic

Explora en algún tema del cual estés interesado/a

Algunos libros están en español otros en inglés

Username: Learning20

Password: Clifford

The easiest Rubik's Cube solution is available in many languages. Learn it quickly memorizing only a few algorithms.

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