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We've provided a rich selection of free, fun online learning sources in English language arts (ELA), math, science, and visual arts to supplement your learning. These are organized by grade level. Click the grade level for your child to get started!

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This page contains a "menu" of lessons and activities for this week. You will find the objectives: the specific skills that you work on. Then you will find a selection of lessons and activities which help you practice and master those skills. If you run into technical issues or other difficulties with any of these, simply move on and choose another.


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Algebra 2 - Week Three

Printable Version - Week Three Learning Board (in PDF)

High School Algebra 2

Week 3 April 20-24

Weekly Packet

Math Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • convert between exponential and logarithmic forms
  • evaluate logarithms without using a calculator

Instructional Videos:

Khan Academy

Intro to Logarithms

Evaluating Logarithms


NancyPi: Logarithms


(Alg2) R1: Converting Logarithms

(Alg2) R2: Converting Natural Logarithms

(Alg2) R3: Converting all Logarithms

(Alg2) R4: Evaluate Logarithms

Your goal is a minimum Smart Score of 80


Illustrative Mathematics: Exploring acidity levels and earthquake strength and how to find Logs without a calculator.

Log Lattice

Independent Practice

Problem Set #1 (includes answers)

Evaluating Logs

(Do Page 1 only – answers are not included)

Self-Check/Formative Assessment

Khan Academy Practice

(with embedded answers)

Evaluate Logarithms (Basic)

Evaluate Logarithms (Advanced)

Convert between Exponential and Log Forms

Key Vocabulary / Formulas/ Things to Remember

A logarithm is an exponent.

Log10x is called a common logarithm and is written logx; when the base is not seen, it is understood to be 10.

Exponential functions and logarithmic functions are inverse functions.

Logex is called a natural logarithm and is written lnx; in this case, when the base is not seen, it is understood to be e.
Equations bx =y and logby=x are equivalent equations.
If you need a calculator, go to for free access to an online scientific or graphing calculator.

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