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This page contains a "menu" of lessons and activities for this week. You will find the objectives: the specific skills that you work on. Then you will find a selection of lessons and activities which help you practice and master those skills. If you run into technical issues or other difficulties with any of these, simply move on and choose another.


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Biology- Week Four

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High School Biology

Week 4 April 27-May 1

Weekly Packet

Topic:  Ecological Relationships 
Learning Objectives: Students will be able to: 

  • describe the close associations between and among organisms (symbioses) 
  • describe how different types interactions affect organisms (predator/prey, symbioses, competition) give examples of how organisms are dependent on each other for survival 

Lessons and Student Instructions 

Lesson 1:  Watch one or more video lessons and take one of the practice quizzes. 

Video Lessons 

Interactions Between Populations Khan Academy 
Community Ecology Crash Course 

Practice quiz: Ecological Relationships Khan Academy 
Practice quiz: Ecological Relationships Quizlet 

Complete the “Ecological Relationships POGIL” 

At Home Learning Packet 

Ecological Relationships POGIL 

Virtual Experiment 

Barnacle Competition 

Lesson 2:  Choose one of the following to try: 
Predator-prey simulations 
Virtual Experiment: Barnacle Competition 
Symbioses Videos 

Extensions are provided to extend your learning. 

Symbiosis Videos 

Watch one or more of these videos for examples of symbioses: 
Nature’s Cutest Symbiosis 
Parasites: Zombie Fungus 

Gross Science: Mites on Your Face


Explore the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale project. 

Research examples of ecological relationships in the Sonoran Desert Ecosystem.  Create a poster, children’s book, Prezi, slideshow or other media to present to family/friends/classmates. 


Ecology - the study of the interactions between and among organisms and their physical environment 

community – populations of two or more species living together and interacting 

symbiosis - close associations between and among living things 

mutualism - a symbiosis in which both organisms benefit 

parasitism - a symbiosis in which one organism benefits (parasite) at the expense of the other (host) 

commensalism - a symbiosis in which one organism benefits and the other organism is minimally affected 

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