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This page contains a "menu" of lessons and activities for this week. You will find the objectives: the specific skills that you work on. Then you will find a selection of lessons and activities which help you practice and master those skills. If you run into technical issues or other difficulties with any of these, simply move on and choose another.


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World History - Week Four

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9th-10th Grade World History

Week 4 April 27-May 1

Weekly Packet

Social Studies Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • analyze leaders, societies, and institutions respond to economic crises
  • evaluate how governments have balanced individual freedoms with the common good.


Lesson 1: Students are encouraged to read Newsela Articles 1-4 and take the quizzes at the end.

Lesson 2: Students are encouraged to watch the three videos in the “Videos” box to the right and take notes to organize their ideas. Using their notes, students are also encouraged to make either a timeline or a flowchart of how one or more dictators have used economic troubles to consolidate power.


Students should write a 3-paragraph essay answering the following questions citing any of the texts available or of their own choosing.

What approach should governments take when deciding how to handle a crisis?

What determines if a government handles a crisis successfully?

Lesson 3: Students are encouraged to choose 3 of the “Current Events” news articles and write a paragraph explaining the pros and cons of government intervention in times of crisis.

Independent Civic Action Project

After you have completed the assessment, you may consider submitting your opinion piece to the local newspaper. Arizona Daily Star Opinion Submission Page

Enrichment Activities

Create a Venn Diagram comparing the government response to a crisis using a historical example and a current example

Current Events

Carnegie Endowment

The Atlantic




Great Depression: worldwide economic downturn that began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939. It was the longest and most severe depression ever experienced.

social welfare: organized social services for the promoting public goods and assistance of disadvantaged groups specifically.

authoritarianism: A system of government or political control that enforces or advocates strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom

pandemic: Global outbreak of a disease.

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