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World History - Week Three

Printable Version - Week Three Learning Board (in PDF)

9th-10th Grade World History

Week 3 April 20-24

Weekly Packet

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • develop an argument using historical details from several sources.
  • compare and contrast push/pull factors for human migration patterns.


Lesson 1: Read “Who is a Climate Refugee?” and “Latino Immigration to the United States: Economic Factors.” If possible, annotate the articles and then create your own graphic organizer that demonstrates specific peoples and their reasons to relocate.

Historical Texts

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus (poem on Statue of Liberty)

Shut the Door” Speech – 1924

Cesar Chavez Addresses the Commonwealth Club of California – 1984

The Border: A Double Sonnet by Arizona’s first Poet Laureate – Alberto Rios 2015

Lesson 2: Read “This was the only refugee camp in America for Jews fleeing the Nazis” and one other resource of your choice. Add as many peoples and reasons as you can to your graphic organizer. Begin to look for (annotate) evidence both for and against immigration restrictions in the US. Write a paragraph each for the arguments both for and against immigration restriction in the US.

Independent Project

Conduct your own research into a specific people that interests you. Search for their reason for migration, their geographic movement, and their impact on both the place they left behind and the place they ended up. Create your own annotated map that demonstrates your findings. Based on your research, write a short essay that makes and supports one recommendation you have regarding immigration, to the US Government.

Enrichment Activities

Create your own color-coded map that illustrates your research and understanding of migration patterns during a specific time period.

Find and document examples of positive effects of immigration in your own community.

Lesson 3: Read “Chinese-Americans were important to the history of Washington State” and at least one other resource of your choice. Using the information, you have included in your graphic organizer and research, choose a side in response to the following statement and argue your point with specific, historical facts: The United States should restrict immigration. Be sure to address the opposing claims and give counterevidence.


Crash Course: European History – Migration

Crash Course: US History – Growth, Cities, and Immigration

Crash Course: Economics – The Economics of Immigration

PBS: The Immigration Dilemma

PBS: Exploring the Recent History of U.S. Immigration Backlashes


Assessment 1: Summarize the arguments both for and against US immigration restrictions.

Assessment 2: Construct your own argument regarding US immigration restrictions including addressing opposing claims and counterevidence.


Migration – a specific type of relocation diffusion, the bodily movement of people from one location to another

Emigration – migration from a location
Immigration – migration to a location

International migration – permanent movement from one country to another

Voluntary Migration – migrant has chosen to move, usually for economic reasons, through sometimes for environmental reasons

Involuntary Migration – the migrant has been compelled to move by cultural (political/economic) or environmental factors

Refugee – a person who is forced to migrate from their home country because of fear of persecution or war

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