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This page contains a "menu" of lessons and activities for this week's learning at home. You will find the objectives: the specific skills that your child will be able to do. Then you will find a selection of lessons and activities which help your child master those skills. If you run into technical issues or other difficulties with any of these, simply move on and choose another. These activities fit into the Sample Dailly Schedule.

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Grade 2 Social Studies - Week Four

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2nd Social Studies

Week 4 April 27-May 1

Social Studies Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • explain how individuals can make contributions to a civilization and/or culture in a place or region studied.
  • name someone who has made changes in the lives of others and identify their contribution.

Objetivos de estudios sociales: Los alumnos van a poder:

  • nombrar a alguien que ha hecho cambios en la vida de otros e identificar sus contribuciones.
  • explicar cómo los individuales pueden contribuir a la civilización y/o cultura en un lugar o región estudiado.

Lincoln Portraits
*If you do not have all materials at home, you can use crayons and paper.
Entra al link y observa los diferentes ejemplos de cómo dibujar un retrato de Abraham Lincoln. Si no tienes todas las materiales en casa simplemente puedes usar crayolas y papel.

Write a few facts that you have learned about someone who has helped others. Why is it important to help others?
Escriba algunos hechos que hayas aprendido sobre alguien que ha ayudado a otros. ¿Por qué es importante ayudar a los demás?

Scholastic On-Line Book Activity
Johnny Appleseed
Abraham Lincoln

2nd Grade Social Studies
Pick a topic from section B

Contribution- to give along with others.
Holiday- a special day of celebration during which schools and businesses are often closed.
National monument- a place (such as an old building or an area of land) that is owned and protected by a national government because of its naturalbeauty or its importance to history or science.
Celebrate- anything that is planned or done in order to honor something.

Contribución: dar algo para el beneficio de otros.
Día festivo: Un día especial que celebran algo y las escuelas y negocios se cierran.
Monumento nacional: un lugar (como un edificio o área de terreno) que es propiedad y está protegida por el gobierno nacional por su belleza natural o significado importante a historia o ciencia.
Celebrar: un evento que se lleva a cabo y planificado para dar honor a algo en particular.

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