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Family Engagement Newsletters

Meeting Schedule


2019-2020 Agendas


Ashley Hult, Facilitator  

2019-20 Members: 

Facilitator: Ashley Hult  (Family Engagement site contact)

Principal:Gail Milton

Certified:  Karina Ramirez , Shanelle Vallejo

Classified: Priscilla Carino  Mark Hudson

Parent/Community Members:  Elizabeth Moreno  Lisette Arballo

Student Members: Esteban Arballo, Lily Juvera, Penelope Moreno

Contact us at 908-5700 if you are interested in becoming a member of the Banks School Site Council or Family Engagement Team,  or if you would like to propose a topic of discussion.




The Banks Action Team for Partnership (ATP), otherwise known as the Family Engagement Team is an action committee for planning and conducting partnerships, working with and advising the principal on school improvements regarding family Engagement.

What do we do? The ATP writes a plan and implements, delegates, and coordinates activities. The team also monitors progress, solves problems, publicizes activities and reports to the School Council and other appropriate groups.

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