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The purpose of the Parent Teacher Association is to provide parents, teachers, students and community to become involved and coordinate various school activities at Booth-Fickett.  For information about membership, please contact :  Mona Freeman, PTA Treasurer  Email

2019-2020 PTA Members

  • This Year's Members Are:

    Theresa Sheridan (K-5 Computer Skills teacher) - President


    Norbie Chavez (campus monitor) - Vice President


    April Dewitt (parent) - Secretary


    Mona Freeman (parent) - Treasurer


2019-2020 School Site Councils Members

  • This Year's Members Are:

    Rhonda Burnett - (certified) - President

    Theresa Sheridan - (certified) - Recording Secretary

    Owen Maurer - (certified)

    Tiffany Powers - (certified)

    Anthony Reed - (certified)

    Francisco Baviera Bea - (certified)

    Jennifer Krumholz - (certified)

    Sascha Quartey - (certified)

    Albert Albritton - (classified)

    Mona Freeman - Parent

    April Dewitt - Parent

    Paz Rodgers - Parent




2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Members

  • This Year's Members Are:

    Dr. Demetra Baxter-Oliver - Principal


    Rose Tederous - School Community Liaison


    Rhonda Burnett - Instructional Data Specialist


    Mona Freeman  - Parent


    Carla Lynch - 6-8 Counselor


    Albert Albritton - 6-8 Behavioral Specialist


    Richard Bennett - 6-8 Behavioral Specialist


2019-2020 School Site Council Minutes

2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Minutes

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