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Borton Magnet School Site Council

Borton Magnet School is a Shared Decision Making School. Shared Decision Making is a process in which all the members of the school community (staff, parents, and community members) work together to make decisions. We have a constitution and eight core committee members that are elected by the group of constituents they each represent.


2020-2021 Borton Site Council Team

Denice Contreras Principal 
Jessica Redondo Teacher / Magnet Coordinator
Leslee Valencia Teacher  
Katie Fouts Teacher  
Cristina Tejeda Teacher  
Lilian Schwartz Parent  
Holly Thomas-Hilburn Parent  



Agenda July 10, 2020

Agenda August 19, 2020

Agenda October 21, 2020



Minutes July 10, 2020

Minutes August 19, 2020



2019-2020 Minutes


Site Council Meetings


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