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Borton Magnet School Site Council

Borton Magnet School is a Shared Decision Making School. Shared Decision Making is a process in which all the members of the school community (staff, parents, and community members) work together to make decisions.We have a constitution and eight core committee members that are elected by the group of constituents they each represent.


2019-2020 Borton Site Council Team

Denice Contreras Principal 
Jessica Redondo Magnet Site Coordinator Jessica.Redondo@tusd1org 
Esther Witt Teacher  
Jenna Horist Teacher  
Leslee Valencia Teacher  
Amy Barron-Gafford Parent  
Lilian Schwartz Parent  
Holly Thomas-Hilburn Parent  



Agenda August 14, 2019

Agenda September 18, 2019

Agenda October 16, 2019

Agenda January 15, 2020


Minutes August 14, 2019

Minutes September 18, 2019

Minutes October 16, 2019



2018-2018 Minutes



Site Council Meetings


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