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Artist In Residence

Borton has a tradition of receiving grant awards from the Arizona Commission on the Arts which partially funds month-long artist residencies in schools. Thanks to the Commission, TUSD, the PTA, and Tax Credit donations, we have had 25 artist residencies over the years.

We have hosted artists with a variety of talents, including creative writing, singing, Japanese Taiko Drumming, African, Caribbean, Hawaiian and Chinese cultural arts, paper-making, weaving, plaster-casting and ceramics, creative movement and modern dance.

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Arizona Commission on the Arts

In 2016 and again in 2018, Borton fourth and fifth graders worked with Odaiko Sonora, learning the art of Japanese Taiko drumming. Here are some photos.

In 2012, Borton second and third graders worked in conjunction with the NEW ARTiculations group as part of “FLOW, a project exploring the local watershed, the Santa Cruz River, and water conservation strategies through dance.”

In 2010-2011 Borton worked in conjunction with Ben’s Bells to create and install a tile mosaic creating a “Wall of Kindness.”





Artist in Residence

2018 Taiko Drumming

2016 Taiko Drumming

2012 FLOW

2011 Kindness Mural

Older Projects 


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