Governing Board proclaims first Friday in April as Blue Collar and Classified Appreciation Day in Tucson Unified School District

Governing Board Proclamation (in PDF)

In recognition of the support services provided by blue collar and classified team members, the Governing Board has proclaimed the first Friday on April, which falls on April 1 in 2017, as Blue Collar and Classified Appreciation Day.

These team members use their specialized skills to manage, maintain, and produce highly functional educational facilities and a service-oriented infrastructure. Staff members in transportation, custodial, facilities management, food services, technology support services and other areas work to provides safe, healthy, clean and enriched learning environments that directly affect our students' learning process and the educational services provided to students, families and the community.

The board recognizes that these team members provide an essential service by ensuring children's surroundings are conducive to learning and advancement, while at the same time providing a nurturing and positive atmosphere. Each team member demonstrates an unwavering dedication and a boundless sense of duty as he or she performs essential daily services for our students.

Thank you, blue collar and classified team members, for all you do to support our students, our schools and our community!

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