TUSD Governing Board approves closure of 11 schools

Action is first step in confronting $17 million budget deficit

Closing schools continue to operate as usual through the 2012-2013 school year

The Tucson Unified School District Governing Board has approved closure of 11 district schools as a first step toward solving a $17 million budget deficit projected for the 2013-2014 school year.

The board also approved recommendations (noted below) on receiving schools that will consolidate with the closing schools and accept transferring students.

The schools that will be closed are:

  • Hohokam Middle School, 7400 S. Settler
    Transferring students will attend Valencia Middle School.
  • Carson Middle School, 7777 E. Stella Road
    Transferring students will attend Secrist Middle School or Dietz K-8.
  • Schumaker Elementary School, 501 N. Maguire
    Transferring students will attend Bloom or Henry elementary schools.
  • Fort Lowell-Townsend K-8, 2120 N. Beverly Blvd.
    Transferring students in grades 6-8 will attend Doolen or Magee middle schools. Transferring students in grades K-5 will attend Whitmore Elementary School.
  • Corbett Elementary School, 5949 E. 29th St.
    Transferring students will attend Wheeler Elementary School.
    Transferring GATE students will attend Hudlow or Kellond elementary schools.
  • Lyons Elementary School, 7555 E. Dogwood St.
    Transferring students will attend Erickson or Ford elementary schools.
  • Howenstine High School 555 S. Tucson Blvd.
    Placement of transferring students will be determined soon and may include attendance at Project MORE or the student's home high school.
  • Maxwell Middle School, 2802 W. Anklam Road
    Transferring students will attend Valenica or Mansfeld middle schools or Safford or Robins K-8s.
    NOTE: Maxwell will be reopened as a new K-8 school.
  • Brichta Elementary School, 2110 W. Brichta Drive
    Transferring students will attend the new Maxwell K-8 or Tolson Elementary School.
  • Menlo Park Elementary, 1100 W Fresno St.
    Transferring students will attend the new Maxwell K-8 or Tolson Elementary School.
  • Wakefield Middle School, 101 W. 44th St.
    Transferring students will attend Hollinger K-8 or Van Buskirk Elementary School.

Schools approved for closure will continue to operate as usual through the end of this school year, which concludes on May 23, 2013.  Academic instruction will not be interrupted and schools will continue to be welcoming and supportive of their students and families.

Additionally, consolidation recommendations are not final until the completion of a public process of setting school boundaries and those boundary decisions and desegregation requirements get approval from the federal court. The school boundary process will include the development of parent and staff regional boundary committees and public meetings. The process will get underway the week of Jan. 7.

Families whose school has been approved for closure may participate in the open enrollment process through Jan. 31. More information is available on the "Options for familes" page.

The governing board also approved preparing Manzo Elementary School for a conversion to a TUSD charter school. Sewell and Cragin elementary schools were also under consideration for closure, but will remain open.

The approved closures will cut $4.2 million from next year's budget and provide $4.5 million in annual savings. The district will now work to identify remaining cuts and will review many options including reductions in central administration, general administration, outsourcing of essential functions, reducing benefit costs, and modifying staffing standards.

The district will work to finalize budget decisions by the end of February to facilitate staff transitions and other changes.

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