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Principal of Cragin 

Andrea Steele

Dear Cragin Cougars, 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Hopefully you found time this summer to enjoy your friends and family all the while staying healthy and safe.

 First, I want to welcome back all the families that have chosen to once again be part of the Cragin community. We are honored that you have continued to allow us to provide the best educational experiences for your child. 

I also want to welcome new families to Cragin. We have a dedicated staff and a strong sense of appreciation for all. You are in the right place and we are better because you are here! 

To be sure you have what you need on day one, please see the information below: 

1. School starts ONLINE via ZOOM on Monday, August 10th @ 8:50am

 a. Attend the live morning announcements with Principal Steele by using this link- 

b. Teachers will send an email to all of their families to offer an official welcome and to provide you the invitation to our Virtual Meet the Teacher (8/7). 

c. If you are still in need of a learning device for your child, please give us a call at 520.232.6702 to arrange a check out time.

 2. School ends at 2:45 p.m. (Mon, Tue, Thurs., Fri.) and at 1:45 pm on Wednesday.

 3. School schedules will be emailed at the beginning of this week by your child’s classroom teacher. They will also be posted on our website ( You will notice on the schedules that we have live ZOOM sessions, tutoring, small group work with the teacher as well as other elective instructors, and designated times for students to complete work independently. Our goal is to be able to provide schedules that will not be changed whether we are learning remotely or on campus. We do anticipate that minor adjustments will have to be made. We appreciate your patience. 

Although we are learning remotely, it is very important that all students are on time each day. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each ZOOM session with the teacher. If your child will be absent please call Mrs. Lori Munday, the attendance technician, at 520-232-6702 or email us at

Friendly Reminders: 

❖ Safety is always a priority at Cragin Elementary School. Please remember that even though we are not physically at the school, cyber safety and appropriate use of the internet/technology will be expected. 

❖ Teachers will provide their email, website information, Class Dojo link, and other forms of communication as we work remotely. They will also provide their office hours. Please adhere to the office hours when reaching out and allow them 24 hours to respond. 

❖ If you need support during the school day (9-3pm) with technology, your child’s schedule, or any other concern that is not directly for the teacher, the Cragin Helpline will be open to assist. Join the ZOOM call at this link 

❖ Email Principal Steele for support as well at


 Below are upcoming important dates and events:

August 5th from 3:30-4:15pm, I will host “Zoom with Steele “. I will be available to greet parents, answer questions and/or concerns. Drop in and say “hi”. Please note, if you have a specific question about your child, please email me, as this ZOOM is public and open for all parents. General questions will be addressed to the best of my knowledge. ZOOM with Steele:

August 7th, is our Virtual Meet the Teacher. 

Teachers will be available at the scheduled time below. Look for the customized flyer from your teacher with his/her ZOOM invite! 

PreK 1:00-1:30 

Kinder 1:00-1:30 

First 1:30-2:00 

Second 1:30-2:00 

Third 2:00-2:30 

Fourth 2:30-3:00 

Fifth 3:00-3:30

Every Sunday evening at about 5pm 

I will send our weekly Cougar News via Parent Link (phone and email). Stay tuned for the most update to news to help you best prepare for weekly events. The 2020-2021 school year will no doubt be one of the most unique educational experiences that most of us have every been through. It will take us all working together to be sure that our young people continue to reach their maximum potential and enjoy learning. I look forward to working with each and every one of you. 


Have a great school year Cougars!

With Much Appreciation,

Andrea Steele

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