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2019-2020 Newsletters


Please consider joining the Davidson Booster Club and support the activities at your child's school this year.

2019-2020 Booster Club Contact

2019-2020School Site Council Members

  • This Year's Members Are:
    Krystal Petrosky (Chair)

    Beth Henshaw - teacher

    Erica Squire - teacher

    Community Representative- Doug Koppinger

    Teena Crocker - staff

2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Members

  • This Year's Members 2019-2020 Are:
    Teena Crocker

    Sarah Andricopoulos

    Lindsay MacLeod

    Emily Ray

    Sabina Prijic

    Marcia Aurand

    Gail Shinn

    Tamra Ross

2019-2020 School Site Council Minutes

2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Minutes

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