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 PTO supports all learners at Dietz K-8.  We provide resources to support education, and raise funds for school functions and extra materials.

Email for more information.

Meeting Schedule



2020-21 Members

    President:  Wanda White (Parent)
    Vice President:  Silvia Reynozo (Parent)

    Secretary:  Karen McVay (Parent)

    Treasurer:  Silvia Reynozo (Parent)

    Virginia Caballero (Teacher)

    Cee Parker (Teacher)

    Cathy Saunders (Teacher)

    Julie Wanat (Family Engagement Coordinator)



  • Fry's Fundraiser
    Fry's Fundraiser is an easy way for you to help raise money for our school.  All you need to do is get a Fry's card and link it to our school.


    Step 1:  Create an online Fry’s account.

    Step 2: 

    ·       Go to

    ·       Sign into account.  Next go to “My Account.”

    ·       Under my account scroll down until you see Community Rewards.  Click on “Community Rewards.”

    ·       Under find your Organization: Enter the Organization Number GT622, the select search.

    ·       Under select your Organizations:  Select enroll.

    ·       Save changes.

    ·       You should now see Dietz K-8, listed under the community rewards section.

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