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Tucson Korea Ambassador Program

  • Mission
    The Tucson-Korea Ambassador Program builds cultural, language, and friendship ties between students from Dietz and students from Ulleung-gun and Yeonyang-gun in South Korea.
  • Ambassador Program
    Students from Ulleung-gun and Yeonyang-gun in South Korea are hosted by our Dietz families for 3 1/2 weeks.  Student ambassadors will partner with each of  the Korean students during the school day to form cross-cultural experiences and bonds.  Host families will welcome each of the Korean students into their homes so they will experience living with an American family.  Tours of local sites and cultural venues will be collaboratively arranged by the district and the Korean community to provide students with a fun and enriching experience.

Korean students visit Dietz, February 2020.


Tucson students go to South Korea, summer 2019.


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