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Reading Support: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Reading Support: 2nd & 3rd Grade

Reading Support: 4th & 5th Grade




    IXL is a web-based intervention and enrichment program for our 6-8 students.  After students complete the diagnostic assessment, the IXL program places them on a learning path to support them in mastering skills and bringing them up to grade level or moving them forward to the next grade level.  As a parent, you can have your child log into their account to review their learning plan with them.  You can also contact your child's teacher and they can provide you with a copy of their learning plan.


    Grade level guide:  100 = 1st grade, 200 = 2nd grade, 300 = 3rd grade, 400 - 4th grade, 500 = 5th grade, 600 = 6th grade, 700 = 7th grade, 800 = 8th grade, and 900 = 9th grade.


    By clicking on the IXL image above or the word IXL, students will be forwarded to the log in page.  Students will need their matric number to log in.  If your child does not remember their matric number, contact your child's teacher and ask for their matric number so they can log in from home.







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