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Raise Appeal Form for TUSD Employees

TUSD employees who did not receive a raise during 2015, but who believe that they meet the qualifications for the raise, are invited to complete the Raise Appeal Form >>

TUSD Strategic Plan

Coming in August 2016: A new Student Information System

The TUSD Governing Board has voted to implement Synergy®, the new Statewide Student Information System. The new system will provide principals, teachers, parents, and students with data at their fingertips.  Work begins immediately and the system will be fully implemented for August 2016, the start of the 2016-17 school year.  Take a look at FAQs to learn more about what this system offers you! More information >>

TUSD Governing Board Approves Strategic Plan

The Governing Board voted 5-0 for the five-year Strategic Plan. Take a look at our new roadmap for curriculum, diversity, facilities, finance, and communication!

TUSD Wellness Incentive Program

Printable Flier (in PDF)

Wellness Incentive ProgramParticipating in the TUSD Wellness Incentive Program in 2014-2015 will qualify you for rewards and premium rebates the following plan year, plus assure that you are taking positive steps towards preventing disease and living healthier. See the program flier (in PDF) for complete information. More info >>

New TUSD curriculum materials for ELA, math and science

Check out the new curriculum materials!

TUSD Infant & Early Learning Centers

We're excited to announce the Infant & Early Learning Centers for children ages 6 weeks to preschool-aged. This quality option for TUSD's working parents is now open! Register now to take advantage of this excellent and affordable program. For more information, see the Infant & Early Learning Center web pages.

Compression Plan Update - New FAQ for Phases 2 & 3

On July 9, 2013, the Governing Board directed staff to begin the work of resolving salary compression that exists between current employees and newly hired employees. The plan recognizes the dedication of teachers who have shown commitment to TUSD through their years of service in TUSD and will ensure that current TUSD teachers with equal years of experience are not compensated less than new hires with non-TUSD experience. See the Compression Plan pages for more information and updates. For the latest information, be sure to read the new FAQ for Phases 2 & 3.

Sharepoint Sites & ResourcesTUSD's SharePoint Sites & Resources

These resources are available from within the TUSD network. Note: At present, you will not be able to access these from home.

SharePoint Sites & Resources >>

Mayor's Reading ChallengeTUSD participates in the Mayor's Reading Challenge

Teachers, sign up your classes! When signing up for the Mayor's Reading Challenge, be sure to check the box that says you will be entering records for others. Once registered, you will be able to enter reading times and titles for each student. The Reading Challenge web system will do the math for each student and even tally your classroom total. Have fun with the challenge and compete against your fellow teachers or other schools.

Staff members, sign up to track your reading!

Check your email from home

You can check your email from home through Outlook's web access!


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